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Best Designer Shoulder Bags – 2020’s Best Designer Bags

2020’s Best Designer Bags

There are some accessories that a woman simply cannot be without. A beautiful bag is one, and you likely have a few to choose from. If you’re reading this, the likelihood is you want another, and it’s a shoulder bag you’re looking for! The shoulder bag is a practical choice for work and leisure.

Big enough to get all you want in it, and timelessly stylish, these bags are designed for style as well as for the job they do. In terms of 2020 handbag trends the shoulder bag is very much in, so we’ve picked some of the best designs for you to check out.

We found the best selection at which offers a comprehensive selection of styles, brands and prices, and we believe there will be a bag here that will be the one for you! So, let’s get going – here’s our choice of 2020’s best designer shoulder bags.

Guess – Thora

Guess is a brand that has become established firmly in the mid-range where prices are concerned, but there is no doubting the quality of products. The Thora design bag is a take on the traditional shoulder bag with stylish synthetic leather and nice detailing, a lined interior and two handles.

The colour is nice in beige and it is certainly a bag that would look good for winter use. It’s a decent size – not too large to be cumbersome – and also a sensible price, and we reckon this one will be popular with ladies who want a bag for any outfit or occasion.

Versace Jeans – E1HSBB01_70808

This beautiful synthetic leather bag stands out proudly in red, and hails from the famous Versace Jeans design house. Another classic-look shoulder bag, complete with twin handles and three interior sections, it is the type of bag you’d take to an occasion, one to be seen with and be proud to do so.

There’s undoubted quality to the brand’s products and this bag is no exception. We can’t fault this at a price that is nothing short of amazing, so check it out further if red is for you.

Furla – 886556

Italian style is always instantly recognisable, and this beautifully restrained shoulder bag from Furla ticks all the right boxes. Compact for such a bag, and finished in the highest quality genuine leather in black, it offers all the style that the brand promises and is just the right side of being understated.

You could carry this bag with you to work, for a night out with the girls, or to any special occasion as it may just be the ultimate in versatile fashion accessories. Not the cheapest, but when you take a look at the quality involved nor is it expensive. A classic bag in every way.

2020’s Best Designer Bags

Love Moschino – JC4233PP0AKE

The Love Moschino Spring/Summer collection features many very special creations, and among them all we think this fabulous bag stands out. It’s a compact shoulder bag that is made from polyurethane – a change among the leather and fake leather options – finished in black and adorned with tiny gold hearts above the brand logo.

Fun and frivolous, yet great quality and very stylish, this sensibly priced shoulder bag is the perfect choice for a fun night out and is as practical as it is enjoyable.

Trussardi – 75B0073

This is a bag that won’t appeal to everyone, but we reckon a lot of you will love it! It’s from Trussardi – a brand known for innovative bags with interesting detail – and is a compact shoulder bag in brown synthetic leather with red detailing in the form of leaves.

The combination of the colours works well and evokes a natural theme, and we love it! With fine quality construction and a single handle, this unusual design is zip-closed for added security. Is it for you? It will be for some, and at the price it’s something of a designer bargain.

Versace Jeans – E1VTBB11_71112

Two brands dominate the designer shoulder bag market: Versace Jeans is one, and the other is Love Moschino. These are popular brands because they offer choices that cater for all tastes at great prices, yet always with quality intact.

This beautiful red/orange shoulder bag is typical of the Versace Jeans label being a take on the traditional style of shoulder bag but with some detail touches that are clearly Versace. Made from synthetic leather and with nice gold chain adornments, it’s a bag for all occasions at an excellent price, and one you will treasure for a lifetime.

Furla – 10334

2020’s Best Designer Bags

Of all the brands we found when looking to create this list, Furla offers some of the most innovative and stylish designs. This simple, understated yet undeniably beautiful bag is unadorned apart from the deco-style clasp, and is finished in a glorious deep red that simply shouts out quality and style.

For those who follow the latest styles this will be a joy to own.The material is quality leather, the finest of all, and it is a compact size so not overbearing. Priced as you would expect a bag of this quality to be, you really need this in your wardrobe for those special occasions – or simply to be seen with wherever you may be.

Fendi – 7VA426A1RHF0X93

If there’s a designer brand we could not leave off this list it’s Fendi, and this clever and very attractive leather shoulder bag is a great example of the quality they are famous for. The design is a square bag with twin handles, finished in black with a cocktail glass motif, and it effortlessly combines Italian style with simple practicality. This is a bag to been seen with anywhere, but beware you’ll have to pay the price to get it. It’s currently a bargain, however, with excellent reductions!

The designer shoulder bag may just be a must-have accessory, and among the list we have put together should be something to your taste and within your price bracket. There are some great bargains to be had here, so check them out now and give your wardrobe a gift!

2020’s Best Designer Bags