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Bathing Suits for Women: Styled in 6 Fun Ways

Summer is here and we could not be more excited for days spent at the beach or pool, lounging out in the sun, and long nights spent with friends. We are also all excited to update our wardrobes for summer. One of the first things on most of our agendas as we come into summer fashion is bathing suits! And how to style those bathing suits of course. Bathing suits for women come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can style a one piece or a two piece.

Bathing Suits for Women

The One Piece

One pieces have been making a comeback in recent years. With an endless amount of patterns and shapes, one pieces come in a style that will work for just about anyone. You can find one pieces that have cutouts, are asymmetrical, or have fun ties and embellishments. When it comes to styling your one piece for any pre or post beach activities, you’ve got a ton of options. The right one piece can look like a bodysuit when tucked into a pair of shorts or skirt, or you can wear a sheer coverup over it to show off the shape! Here are some of our favorite ways to style a one piece.

1. California Glam: If you can pick up a solid and neutral colored one piece, then try pairing it with a wide leg pair of light linen pants. You can add a wide brim sun hat, some oversized sunglasses , a pair of wedges and a canvas tote to finish the look. Bonus points if your one piece has an asymmetrical cut like one shoulder which will add to the Hollywood glam.

2. Sporty and Fun: If you plan on walking or hiking prior to your beach day, try styling your one piece in a more practical way. Pair it with some jean shorts, chunky sneakers, a baseball cap or visor and a fanny pack or crossbody bag. This look is perfect for a place like Hawaii where hikes are often accompanied by a dip in a waterfall.

3. Feminine and Flirty: We love to pair a one piece with a sheer flowy skirt or dress. This works especially well if you have a one piece with cutouts or embellishments as they will not be hidden under your sheer cover up. Try pairing it with some color coordinated sandals, gold jewelry and a matching tote bag.

The Bikini

If you are more of a bikini person, we have some great stylish looks for a two piece as well. Two pieces are fun to style because they allow you to show a bit more skin and play around with different levels of coverage on top. Not to mention the variety that you can find when it comes to bikinis. Just in terms of tops you can find halters, bandeaus, strapless, tops with sleeves and the list goes on. Here are three of our favorite ways to rock a bikini off the beach.

1. Classic Vacay Look: The classic bikini and wrap skirt pairing will always be a favorite. There is nothing more practical and stylish than a bright colored bikini worn under a sheer tied skirt. We love the pop of color that can be seen under the skirt from the bottoms. Pair this look with some color coordinated sandals, a sunhat, and a tote bag and you’ll be ready to hit the beach no matter what your destination is.

2. Casual and Comfortable: If you want to be a bit more covered prior to being at the beach, try out a button down in a light color and material. You can keep it unbuttoned if you want to show off your trendy underwire bikini tops or you can button it halfway to let the top just peak out. You can also keep the top on at the beach as a sun cover that will not leave you with any strange tan lines. Pair this versatile top with some high waisted cut-offs and your favorite pair of sunglasses for a finished look.

3. Stylish and Sexy: If you haven’t yet seen crochet cover ups, this is your sign to check them out. These crochet cover ups are a fun way to cover up without actually covering up. These dresses come in just about every shape and style. You can find dresses that have no sleeves, long sleeves, slits, tassels, and different patterns of crochet. We love seeing these paired with a simple black halter bikini, black wedges, and black sunglasses. And depending on the crochet pattern, you can be covered as little or as much as you want by one of these, so make sure to shop around when purchasing your cover up.

Keep these style tips in mind as we head into the summer months and you are sure to be the envy of the beach or pool! Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen! The beach awaits!