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Australian Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2022

Fashion, unlike some people, is very flexible. You can always find styles that will be relevant and complementary to your figure. You do not need to continue wearing what you think suits you. Try to rid your wardrobe of anti-trends, of clothes that are irrelevant. Also, if you wear anti-trends, you can form the opinion that you are a tight-fisted person, and once, having bought a dress, you will wear it to the bitter end. And at the same time, people around you may not know that you have been looking for this shirt for a long time and bought it only a few days ago, because everyone will think that you have been wearing it for years, just very neatly.

Following the trends is awesome, but try to add a few actual things or accessories to your basic wardrobe every season, this is a good practice that will allow you to always dress up to fashion. Our task is to warn you against buying irrelevant things. If these things are already in your wardrobe, and you like them, you should not get rid of them. Just send your favorite outfits for storage. Perhaps they will come in handy in the future. Visit the Unplugged website for more trendy outfits.

Fur vest

To be fair, this garment became anti-trend long before 2022 but nevertheless continues to be one of the main attributes of cold weather. Stylists remind: it's time to take off fur vests! Not only has natural fur itself already become an anti-trend, but a fur vest itself is just an uncomfortable piece of clothing in our climate. Replace it with a padded, oversized vest that can be worn with any look, even in the rain!

Mirrored glasses

We cannot say that mirrored glasses will no longer be able to fit into a stylish look. However, looking at the latest collections from famous brands, we noticed that preference in 2021 is given to more functional models with lenses in natural colors.

Leather leggings

Leather leggings are booming in 2022! In the same year, stylists advice replacing them with loose-fitting leather trousers. If your love for leather leggings is endless, combine them only with an elongated top: an oversized hoodie or sweater, rough boots, or over-the-knee boots.

Fitted jacket

For many years, oversize and jackets "from the man's shoulder" have dominated fashion. There are also more conservative options - jackets with a straight elongated cut. You can use a belt to create a fitted silhouette. And fitted jackets are a thing of the past!

Long cardigan

A long cardigan made of fine fabric was once in the wardrobe of every fashionista. But if you look closely, this garment has some drawbacks: it does not keep its shape, does not warm, treacherously strives to look out from under the outerwear, and under it, you can only wear a thin shirt or T-shirt. Remember - functionality! Leave a long, thin cardigan for home.

Cycling shorts

This wardrobe item is recorded in anti-trends for one reason - there were too many of them. Today stylists offer a more comfortable option - Bermuda shorts. Nevertheless, bicycles, although they have lost their acute relevance, can still complement a super stylish image. There is only one rule: you need to be able to wear bicycles! They are demanding both for the figure and for combinations with other clothes.

Waist bag

A highly controversial anti-trend. We cannot say that such bags should be thrown away, but we advise you to pay attention to more modern modifications, of which Belarusian designers offer enough. Lovers of more feminine looks should take a closer look at micro bags, which can also be worn on a belt.


The model of skinny jeans has lost its relevance, although it continues to find its fans. In 2022, we will choose straight-cut jeans, loose models, or even flared ones. A mixture of convenience and style is exactly what we need! Black skinny can be left under a loose top - oversized hoodies, oversized jackets or sweaters, and rough boots or over-the-knee boots (similar to leggings).


You can go to sales and analyze what is most there, and then you will understand what belongs to the anti-trend of clothing. Not everything that brands try to dictate to us becomes a trend. The designers' prediction is different from reality. The brighter the trend, the more it existed in the media space, the faster it will go into anti-trends.


Rompers - overalls with shorts. Often they are with floral prints, rompers disfigure the figure. Overalls with shorts are comfortable only for children. Can only look acceptable from silk and linen. The tightening at the waist only creates additional drapery by increasing the waist. The romper can be replaced with separate items of clothing.

If you think that anti-trends are only in your closet, then you are wrong, often even luxury brands sell anti-trends. Do not trust stores because they focus on sales and customer requests.

Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2022