Ash Blonde vs. Other Blondes
November 30, 2023

Ash Blonde vs. Other Blondes: A Comprehensive Comparison

Blonde color brings a range of beautiful shades to the table, with Ash Blonde topping the popularity charts. The balmy, calm tone gives a suave and sophisticated vibe. Wear the color without fear, for it is classic and timeless.  Blonde shades are one of the most loved and are a top choice as permanent hair color.

Let's get our hands on the most trending and picked-out shades of blondes-

Platinum blonde- To make a bold and confident fashion statement, color your tresses in shades of platinum blonde. But maintaining the salon's fresh shine and vibrancy is slightly demanding.  Be prepared for regular touch-ups and high maintenance costs to keep the color looking great.

Golden blonde- If you want a stunning, sun-kissed beach look, golden blonde hair is the way to go. Its radiant and warm golden undertones give you a flawless and unmatched natural-looking blonde. There's no better shade to achieve that beautiful and effortless look you're after. So don't wait any longer; go for it and rock that golden blonde hair like a pro!

Honey blonde- For a subtle and mellow color, warm honey blonde with golden undertones and a hint of honey is a top choice. This hair color is incredibly versatile and can add depth to your hair, enhancing your natural beauty. Flaunt your radiant and luminous hair. So, if you want to make a bold statement and feel confident in your appearance, look no further than this stunning hair color option.

Strawberry blonde- Strawberry blonde is a stunning, distinctive shade combining elements of blonde and red. The warm undertone with golden hues and subtle hints of red or copper transform your locks. It looks perfect on individuals with fair to medium complexions.

Ash-blonde- Ash blonde is a cool-toned shade with a hint of gray or silver undertones, giving it a more subtle and sophisticated appearance. The color suits people looking for an elegant appearance. It is the perfect match for your hair if you have a cool skin tone. However, it requires extra maintenance as it is prone to brassiness over time. To keep your ash blonde hair color looking fresh and vibrant, it is advised to invest in a good quality purple shampoo that helps to neutralize unwanted warm tones.


Determining the perfect hair color for your skin can be a challenging task. Knowing your skin's undertones can help you choose the right shade of blonde to complement your overall look. A golden or honey blonde complements every skin tone and brings out your natural beauty for skin with warm undertones. On the other hand, if your skin has cool undertones, then ash or platinum blonde provides a stunning contrast and makes your features stand out. Ultimately, choosing the right shade of blonde requires careful consideration of your skin's undertones and personal preferences.