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Animal Style: Set Your Handbags Wild

Animal striation is the one lying on animal fur, which is the natural striation for different animals. It is not only a symbol of animals, used to distinguish from others, but also a camouflage, preserving themselves from any danger.

Nowadays, animal style stripe has another significant use, that is, the pioneering sign of fashion. Animal pattern is more frequently used by human beings on clothes, shoes and the attracting handbags, etc.

More and more animal pattern fabrics and animal pattern products appear in the fashion market. Ladies handbags could be almost said to be the biggest beneficiary among all.

No matter whether it's leopard, zebra, tiger, deer, snake, or combination animal style, and no matter whether it's in the show, party, or on the street, you can see most of them easily, of not on the clothes, it’s on the bag.

The popularity of animal pattern brings about the fashionable vitality of "wild interest", which makes people return to nature and relive the original wild charm.

Ghosts, mysteries, sexuality, coldness, wildness, these words are always closely related to the animal styles. Maybe we are actually keen on these features.

Animal print bags

Leopard pattern, snake pattern, gentle and intelligent zebra pattern, the intensive impression of fish scale pattern and aggressive and rough crocodile pattern...

With the ingenious ingenuity of fashion designers, a variety of luxurious pieces are produced, which not only make people closer to animals but also create a luxurious visual effect, reflecting a harmonious relationship between people and nature.

To consider more details on that unique pattern, you might realize even more glamours of them.

The zebra pattern is the most elegant and unique pattern among all kinds of wild animal patterns. It is permeated with clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, etc., and exudes an irresistible wild charm and sexy feeling.

As a fashion element, leopard print was created by Norman NORELL (1900-1972), an American fashion designer, in the early 1940s. Some people say that modern women in the concrete jungle rush up and down to work and live a busy life every day.

They have a strong sense of identity with the female leopard who is going out to hunt and raise her cubs in the tropical jungle. Therefore, this leopard pattern is added to show their common ground.

Adding little leopard element on the handbag, a more upscale sense is reached, and you are instantly surrounded by power and ambition.

Boa constrictor pattern, which exudes cold and gorgeous temptation, has always been a necessary fashion element for major brands every season.

Designers have begun to redefine the fashion of boa constrictor pattern from the fabric, texture, and even design concept.

Python pattern clothing is wild and noble. Only with a single item, you can have the coexistence of aggressive as well as sexy. 

Animal Style: Set Your Handbags Wild

Take, for example, Julice, a wholesale handbag factory which is specialized in designing and producing all kinds of fashionable ladies' handbags, has recently innovated a fascinating waist bag with snake effect.

This is the latest design established among its 200-300 styles new collections developed every month. This waist bag combines the pink and snake color. It's a perfect combination of cute and charming, which can be suitable for women of different ages.

With the snake color decorated on the top of the bag, it would not make one too flamboyant. On the contrary, it gives out a sense of queen in a modest but powerful way.

What’s more, if you are a person striking on the environmentally-friendly principle, you don’t need to worry any of that for the snake effect is only a design but not actually using the snake fur. Using the faux leather, Julice has still achieved a successful imitation on both the design and quality.

It would be highly recommended for you to lead the fashion by trying on the animal stripe style. And if you join the trend, Julice would be the companion always being a  pioneer to dig deep in this field and wholesales a great deal of various animal striation handbags.