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All Your Relevant Queries About Sports Bras Resolved

The trend of wearing sports bras while working out is somewhat new, with the first-ever related clothing, the ‘Free Swing Tennis Bra’ introduced by the Glamorise Foundation in 1975.

It wasn’t even promoted as daily workout wear until the last decade when advertising agencies and social media influencers took it on their shoulders to market the athleisure sector as a significant part of the larger fashion industry. 

As a result, many women, who love the idea of wearing sports bras to the gym or while running, still have several queries about these athleisure wear that sometimes even prevent them from making a suitable purchase.

This post aims to resolve such queries to provide a deeper insight into the designs, construction, materials, and benefits of sports bras to help you make the most of them. 

Are there any plus-size sports bras? And, if there is, how to choose them?

You can get sports bras of various shapes and sizes, only if you how to choose them. Check the size of the shoulder straps and go for wide straps when buying a plus-size bra that will provide you with maximum support.

You can also go for front closures to enjoy the convenience of putting on and taking off. Last but not least, you should go for high-impact bras, in case you've indulged in some heavyweight exercises or running. 

How to stop the band from coming up while exercising?

Go for a snug fit of the band, as it’s one of the main sources of support for these bras. As you may be practising a variety of moves, ensuring proper band support is integral to reducing discomfort. It’s best to get a one-size-smaller bra, if the cup size fits just fine, to enjoy the benefits of a tighter band. You should also replace the bra if the band gets too loose. 

How many bras should you stock?

If you work out regularly, it’s best to buy at least five bras to wear alternately each day. However, if you work out twice or thrice in a week, two bras will be sufficient to fulfill your needs.

The experts at remind you to wash your sweaty bras every day, as they may lead to yeast infestations and other skin issues. This is one of the primary reasons for keeping backups, in case the bra doesn’t dry during the day.

Do you need to wear more than one bra for enhanced support?

Many women having large breasts often wonder if they need to wear two sports bras for maximum impact and control. However, if you invest in a good-quality superior-support sports bra, you don’t have to wear two bras at once. Just focus on the fit and ensure a snug one to prevent discomfort while working out. 

What to do if the breast lines are visible over the cup?

You may need to find a bra with better coverage then. Increasing the cup size may loosen the band, which will create further problems for you. You can look up different styles of sports bras on the internet and focus on their cup measurements to find the right fit. 

How to choose the right material for sports bras?

Besides fitting and comfort, you should also choose the right material for sports bras, as you’ll be sweating profusely during the workout or yoga sessions. Go for moisture-wicking materials that will help absorb sweat readily and prevent you from feeling uncomfortable and tired easily. Read up on such materials before shopping for sports bras. 

How to pick the right size when you’re planning to lose weight?

Now, this can be a serious concern for overweight women, who are working out with the sole objective to lose those extra flabs. Your investment may go down the drain if you can’t wear those expensive bras after getting into shape.

The best way to reduce the losses is to buy non-underwire bras that may not offer a different feel after losing some weight. You should also do with not more than three bras initially to avoid wasting money. 

What are some special features to look for in the athletic bras?

Apart from snug fit and comfortable fabrics, you can also look for cushioned bands, adjustable straps, and multifunctional properties, while buying these bras.

They also come in a plethora of designs and colors to make you look and feel attractive while working out. It should be your personal choice to determine which bra you would love to wear to the gym or yoga class every day. 

Wrapping it up

As most women wear the sports bras as topwear while exercising, their size, fitting, design, color, and variety go a long way to create an impression. Passionate people with a thing for working out also take pictures for social media and appearance is an important factor to consider for them. So, be careful while choosing your sports bras and assess all the requirements before making the purchase.