Pakistani Wedding Dresses
September 30, 2022

All About Pakistani Wedding Dresses

All brides consider bridal dress shopping an important part of their preparations, regardless of geography, ethnicity, or social status. It is important to note that Pakistani weddings differ from other weddings because no single dress is involved. There are three-day or two-day festivities, meaning there are an equal number of dresses. 

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

There is something unique about each dress. Searching for the perfect dress for any celebration can be challenging and requires a lot of focus and determination. That is where you need visit to help you. These tips will facilitate your search and guide you along the way.

Types of bridal dresses

There is a strong influence of Islam on Pakistani culture. As a result, these traditions possess a distinct level of humility, but they are no less stunning due to their modesty. With their intricate detailing and vibrant shades of luxurious fabric, Pakistani wedding dresses deserve attention for their creativity and deep historical roots.

Angrakha Style Frocks

Frock design dresses in the Angrakha style are highly adaptable traditional outfits that are typically worn at Mehendi celebrations. The type and trend of these dresses are never going out of style. Essentially, it is a blend of Indian and Pakistani cultures. Whatever the event, you will never be able to mess these up.

The most distinctive feature of an angrakha style dress is the long tassel that runs down the detailed embroidery. It is entirely up to you whether or not to add additional embellishments or thread work. Angrakha-style dresses have been introduced in the latest collections of Pakistani bridal gowns by brands.

Pishwas Style Frocks

Among the most elegant and traditional Pakistani wedding dresses are the piishwas-style dresses. Almost all popular models and actors have adopted the style over the past few years.

The best thing about pishwas-style dresses is that there are no limitations on the type of fabric or accessories. It does not matter what material is used; the end product will look the same.

Gharara Style

Traditionally in Lucknow, a sharara or Gharara is a pair of wide-legged pants that fall below the knee. Due to its versatility, it is one of the must-have wedding outfits. You can wear the gharara pants with a peplum-style dress or a plain shirt. Your appearance will be stylish and striking regardless of what you wear with it.

Lehenga Choli

There will never be an end to the popularity of the lehenga choli. Pakistani wedding dresses of this type are our favorite. While twirling, you will feel like the princess you are wearing a lehenga choli, making you the center of attention.

Gold Glam

Many famous wedding dress brands have added a golden shine to their collections. A golden wedding outfit can be enhanced by combining it with other hues to make it look even more stunning. The use of golden shades can improve most of the designs mentioned above. Nothing is better than a little gold on a lehenga choli or a Gharara.


In addition to the fact that Pakistani wedding dresses display the country's diverse culture and tradition, they are also stunningly unique and beautifully designed. A fancy gown is a dress embellished with vibrant colors, sparkling embellishments, beautiful designs, and marvelous accessories to create a stunning look.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses