Africa Inspired American Street Wear Brand With A Noble Cause - Ceiphers
May 08, 2019

Africa Inspired American Street Wear Brand With A Noble Cause - Ceiphers

Change, Educate, Inspire, Prevail, Help, Empower, Realize, Success.

Ceiphers Olweya, from Kenya, and his Chicago-born, Phoenix-raised wife Rachel have produced a modern African clothing collection of inspired creations – intertwining American streetwear and formal wear with African culture by adding a vibrant pop of kitenge fabric to classics like bow ties, dress shirts, pocket tees, and hoodies.

Africa Inspired American Street Brand - Ceiphers

Their African inspired clothing line brings in simple flashes of bright Kenyan cotton allowing Ceiphers Clothing to stand out from the customary pack with uniquely compelling visuals putting a modern twist on African Clothing.

Ceipher’s number # 1 seller is their Collection of Modern African Style Dresses! The focus for Kitenge Clothing came from the true inspiration of the company.

Ceiphers’s grandmother, Salome Olweya, co-founded Nyaburi Integrated Primary School, a school that caters to children with disabilities.

In honour of her legacy of philanthropy, for every item purchased Ceiphers Clothing donates $1 to Nyaburi Primary School in Kenya. Donations are used to purchase wheel chairs, crutches, and school supplies for the students!

They care about making sure kids everywhere get the care they need--we just happen to make excellent clothing in the process.

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