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A Quick Guide for How to Get Your Prom Dress Altered

Buying a prom dress isn’t end of the story, you have to invest time to assure it fits you perfectly. Therefore, you need to find someone who can perform the alterations, and assure the dress fits you perfectly. Following we are going to give you a few tips that will help navigate through the whole process.

Get a Seamstress

Dressmakers can help you fit into your dress. As a rule of thumb, avoid the place from where you bought the dress. This rule is only for Prom Dresses, not a wedding. So, start by finding a shop which specializes in alternations of dresses.

See whether the seamstress has enough experience or not. Ask your family and friends and see whom they recommend. Referrals can help you out.

Try the Dress in Front of them

Once you find a dressmaker, try the dress for them. They will make adjustments while you wear the dress. You need to assure the undergarments you wear to help with the fit. Once you try on the dress, the seamstress will pin everything so they can finalize the pending alternations. It helps them to deduce how much work is needed, where to cut the dress, where to hem, etc

Final Fitting

This is perhaps the most important thing. The issue is, whenever you pick a new dress, there is always an issue with fitting.  So, make several appointments with the seamstress, to make sure everything works out during the final fitting. If there are any last-minute touch-ups, make time for them. Therefore, it's important you start looking for cheap prom dresses months before the big night. It will give you enough time for alternations.

Remember, alternations are important to ensure the dress looks good on you. It doesn’t matter if you are going to wear a strapless dress, a long dress, short, or cocktail dress. All of them needs some alternations to fit you perfectly. So, find a dressmaker who will take care of these small touches for you.

Forget the Shop

Yes, you need to refer to the size chart offered by the shop, but it never assures you will find a perfect fit. So, you need to make room for the seamstress in your budget. Most dress styles are fitted for 5-foot and 9-inch models. If you are not wearing high-heels, then you will need to get it shortened.