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A Guide to Choose the Right Women's Activewear Tops for Cycling

There is an increase in the number of women who are actively involved in health training workshops. Most of them are engaged in cycling, hiking, trekking, aerobics, Zumba, and yoga. But to ensure that you are comfortable during any of these workout sessions, you need to wear appropriate activewear tops. Also, stretchable and soft leggings are a must.

Cycling is one such activity that requires perfectly fitted tops and bottom-wear, because your body is continuously at work, with your hands stretched out and legs busy in pedaling. The HHS (US Department of Health and Human Services) reports women who cycle five days a week do not suffer from heart ailments. Any exercise that involves fat-burn and high-intensity workouts need to be supported by proper sports attire and accessories.

Let’s learn how to choose the right women’s activewear tops.

Focus on Moisture-Wicking Material

Moisture-wicking fabrics have two main properties: one is transferring the sweat to fabric's top layer, and the other is drying out quickly so that sweat doesn't soak through the fabric. When you are engaged in highly strenuous activities, you are bound to sweat, and perspiration should not hinder your activity.

Hence, it will help if you look for a top designed from a breathable synthetic fabric. Some fabrics are blended into spandex and Lycra that fit your body comfortably. But before you buy activewear, make sure you try it out and check how comfortable you feel. Don’t buy tops that make your skin itch or cause discomfort.

Avoid ill-fitted Tops and Bottom-wear

Buy activewear tops that are neither loose nor too tight. The sportswear has to fit you perfectly; it should not get in the way of your activity. For instance, if you are cycling and wearing a loose long-sleeves top, you may have difficulty moving the handle to control the bicycle on rough roads. 

Sometimes the long loose-sleeves often get hooked into the handlebars. Hence, buy fitted clothes that do not interfere in your movements. The same goes for bottom-wear, loose track-suits may hinder your pedaling movements during cycling. So, before you decide to buy sportswear, make sure you go for appropriate outfits.

Go for Printed Jerseys

Printed jerseys are the latest trends in the market. The activewear tops are no longer restricted to plain shades and one-color tops. You can check online for various designs and patterns that will entice you with the quality and vibrant colors. Many health experts suggest wearing different colored attire to boost your motivation and removing dullness from routine life.

Various print-work and art bring positive energy in life. For active life, you need encouragement to perform exercises. Colors and art-work are known to infuse positivity in one's life. 

Hence, many health experts and cyclists prefer wearing activewear that boosts confidence in shaping-up their bodies. You can also choose a design that reflects your style sensibilities while keeping you proactive and comfortable.

Cotton-blend is the Best

Many tops and jerseys come in the cotton-blend fabric that is good for absorbing sweat. Blending is necessary because only-cotton is suitable for yoga practice and other stationary exercises. Activities like cycling, Pilates, aerobics, etc. require outfits that can withstand heavy workouts and sharp continuous movements.

Usually, cotton is used to manufacture formal shirts and T-shirts. But cotton-blend is considered best for workout and high-intensity exercises. Some of the cotton blend fabrics are cotton-spandex tops, cotton-nylon blend, cotton-polyester blend, cotton-poly-viscose blend, etc.

Choose the Outfit According to Season

Mostly, sports clothing is manufactured according to the changing seasons. It is necessary to wear proper attire during the chilling winter season, scorching summer, and pouring rains.

Winters are usually chilled, and relative humidity is higher in the air. The activewear needs to be designed in layers and woolen material. Any heavy workout and outdoor activity require your body to maintain appropriate body temperature.

The workout effects get sidelined if you do not wear activewear that is suitable for the current temperature. Same goes with summer and rainy seasons; you may get drenched on rainy days if you do not wear water repellent sportswear. And for summers, it is best to wear a cotton blend for proper sweat absorption.

Choosing the right activewear is crucial to enjoying the workout sessions. Many fitness experts say clothes that you wear for workout make a massive difference in how you feel after the exercise. If you are not comfortable wearing the sportswear, you must not wear it for a workout. Better look for other soft and comfort-enhancing activewear.

Women's Activewear Tops for Cycling