A Full Guide To Shopping Online For Sexy Swimsuits
December 09, 2021

A Full Guide To Shopping Online For Sexy Swimsuits

You’ve probably heard a lot of women say they don’t want to buy swimsuits online. They feel like the only way to be sure and find the perfect swimsuit for their bodies is by trying it on first. They also don’t want to end up going to the post office to return swimsuits that fail to meet their expectations. But despite these reasons, there are benefits when you opt to shop your swimsuits online. 

Through online shopping, you can save yourself time and energy from dealing with crowded stores and waiting in line to try on your swimsuit. Plus, you wouldn’t have much time to ponder how a swimsuit would fit you, knowing that there are still people outside waiting for the changing room. Meanwhile, once your new swimsuits are delivered to your doorstep, you have all the time and leisure to try them at home.  

If you’re unsure how to do it, here’s a complete guide to help you feel more confident in shopping for your next swimsuits online. 

Sexy Swimsuits

Know Your Body Type

Are you looking for a sexy one-piece, a bikini, or a flounce swimsuit to wear for a family beach vacation? Before browsing for swimsuits, you need to know your body type to narrow down your options. Furthermore, this will make it easier to find a style that flatters your body instead of swimwear that makes you look too large or too petite. Don’t know which type of swimsuit flatters your body shape? Here are the common body types and what goes well with them:

Pear Shape  

For women with a pear-shaped body, you need to find a swimsuit with enough coverage for your bottom half. A pear shape is when you have distinct curvy thighs and hips with a smaller top. For some tips and tricks, go for a swimsuit with a plunging neckline to draw more attention upwards instead of the bottom.  

Furthermore, avoid buying a swimsuit with a thick banded bottom as it’ll only make your bottoms look wider and eventually call for more attention. Some swimsuits suitable for pear-shaped bodies may include strappy one-pieces, a wide strap bikini top paired with a high-cut bikini bottom, and the underwire bikini top and bottom. 

Small Bust 

This body type refers to women with smaller chests. Since you have a smaller bust, you’ll need a swimsuit with minimal coverage and designed with patterns or bows in front to create an illusion of a larger chest. Some swimwear that can help make your chest look larger may include tiny triangle tops, padded push-up bikini tops, and bra bikini tops.   

A small bust is not something to feel insecure about when wearing swimsuits. It makes you perfect for wearing bandeaus or tiny scoop tops, so better embrace them. Other swimwear to consider is the push-up bikini top matched with a Bella bottom, the Jax bikini set, and the string bikini top and bottom.  

Sexy Swimsuits

Large Bust 

This is for women with a larger chest and ample cleavage in which you need a swimsuit that can support your chest weight. Go for swimsuits with molded cups and underwires to keep your large bust in place. Also, opt for adjustable and thicker straps for extra support from the back. Avoid wearing tops that have embellishments or ruffles, as these will only make your chest even larger and draw more attention. Some of the best swimsuits for you may include the wide strap bikini top and a high cut bikini bottom, one-piece, and a high waist bikini set. 


Curvy women are those will full hips, bust, butt, and thighs. When looking for a swimsuit, the key is to look for something that would highlight your curves but still offer enough support. Some of the best swimsuits for you are the ribbed bikini set and one-pieces. 

Concealed Tummy 

This body type means you’re shaped like an apple, and most of your weight is in the middle. To help conceal your tummy, some swimsuits you may want to consider are a halter bikini top paired with a high-cut bikini bottom, a one-shoulder top with a bound bikini bottom, and the wrapped one-piece swimsuit. 

Now that you know your body type, it’ll be easier for you to focus on searching for particular swimsuits that are flattering and sexy for you. 

Check Your Budget 

Another factor to consider when shopping for swimsuits online is your budget. Knowing your budget will help you decide whether you’ll buy from luxurious swimwear brands or go for mass-market retailers and lingerie retailers. Furthermore, your budget will also influence your choice of online shop. Thus, as much as possible, choose your online shop carefully and go for online brands that allow easy refunds and returns. 

Take Your Measurements 

Suppose you’ve now chosen your online swimsuit shop and your swimsuit type, it’s time to take your measurements. You probably know already that you’re S, M, L, or XL. However, keep in mind that most brands offer different sizes. In short, there’s no such thing as standards anymore.

Take out your measuring tape and record your size details just to be sure. Then, compare your size details to the size chart of your chosen brand. Don’t forget that some brands are following different sizing standards like in the UK and Europe, so be sure to check that as well.   

Buy Multiple Sizes 

If your budget allows, consider buying swimsuits in multiple sizes. As long as the shop you’ve chosen has a good return policy, then you’re free to purchase and order multiple swimsuits until you find the best one for you and return the ones that don’t fit. Just make sure to keep the tag on to prevent your returns from being rejected.  

When buying multiple sizes, order the size with the closest measurements to your body, and order one size down and one size up. Once you’ve finally found the perfect fit from the three sizes you bought, you can repurchase swimsuits in your exact size.  

Read Descriptions And Check Photos 

Online shops will always have descriptions and corresponding photos on every product so take your time to read and examine every image that shows how the swimsuit looks from the front, back, and up close. If the models on the photo are not exactly your body type, you can check out the brand’s social media account. From there, you’ll find some reviews from their past buyers who’ve probably uploaded their photos wearing the swimsuit. This way, you’ll see a more realistic overview of how the swimsuit will look for your body. 


There you have it! You can start ordering your swimsuits online and follow this guide for a smooth online shopping experience. Once you receive your swimsuits, don’t forget to do the jiggle test and do everything you want to do while wearing your swimsuit.   

Get a good feel of how the fabric feels on your skin, how the color blends with your skin tone, and how the size fits your body. Remember, a high-quality and sexy swimsuit should make you feel as good and confident as it looks.

Sexy Swimsuits