4 Signs You’re Washing Your Hair Wrong & How to Do It Right
May 03, 2019

4 Signs You’re Washing Your Hair Wrong & How to Do It Right

Our hair Goes through a whole lot of craziness only from day-to-day wear. We expose it to pollutants from car exhaust on the commute, sunlight hits it, and in the case of hair colour, we also expose it to a lot of chemicals that may not just be the best for it.

Think it or not, among the most frequent explanations for why hair loses its shine is because of the way we wash it. In most cases, people who have trouble keeping their hair looking great don't actually have "troublesome hair". Rather, it is really because they are seeing damage from washing and drying their hair wrongly. It’s Shocking, but it’s true.

Wrong Doings…

Want to know if you're washing your hair the wrong way? The main reason for hair damage is the way you are washing your hair. If any of the following terms are true, chances are you may want to reconsider the most basics of hair care...

1.    Wash your Hair Everyday

Just because you have a habit of washing your hair daily, doesn’t mean it’s really a good choice for your hair. Washing your hair every day can increase your chances of getting a flaky scalp and can cause your hair to strip off natural oils.

Avoid washing your hair on a daily basis as much as possible. Make it twice or thrice a week and you’ll observe the results soon. Always remember to use hair growth serums after washing your hair. Apply on damp hair (just after bathing). This way, your hair will get protected from damage even if you use hair styling tools.

2.    Use Water that’s way too hot

I know I know nothing can be worth than taking long steamy showers after a weary and busy schedule. But, at the same time, your hair cuticles get open and the colour, oil, keratin proteins and all moisturizing factors for hair get wash-off along with your hair.

When hair cuticles are open, they tend to frizz and dry easily. Avoid using hot water as much as possible. It doesn’t mean you should use chilled cold water which will do no good to them. You should at least try using lukewarm water on your hair.

3.    You are still using Sulphates and Parabens

You get charmed by the ads on the idiot box that “this shampoo gives you everlasting shine”, and “get rid of dandruff and hair fall forever by using this shampoo” and blah... blah… blah… But do you know that all these shampoos have common ingredients- Sulphates and parabens. Sulphates are used in Washing bars for clothes and utensils.

You might feel good when your shampoo gives you that mesmerizing foam on your hair that feels like heaven. This foam comes from sulphates. You don’t wish to wash your hair like your utensils and clothes are being washed, do you? So stop right now! Throw your shampoos far away from your life and opt for healthy options.

4.    Condition your hair when it's wet

After shampoo, always comes conditioner. This means that your hair would be wet at the time of applying conditioner, right? This is one of the reasons for your hair damage. Give yourself some time. Damp your hair with micro fibre towel and then apply conditioner. This will make sure your conditioner doesn’t slip off your hair and gives maximum benefit.

Wrapping up…

Found any of your habits in there? If not, then you shouldn’t worry. Your hair will be just fine. But, if you did, Start changing them from now. Take a pledge to kill your bad habits as soon as you can.

You will see remarkable changes in your hair soon after changing the above habits of yours. I know you have a busy schedule all day, we all have. But, it’s about hair, it’s about health. Choose wisely what to do and what not to.

4 Signs You’re Washing Your Hair Wrong & How to Do It Right