9 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid When Choosing Bridal Lehenga Choli
April 08, 2022

9 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid When Choosing Bridal Lehenga Choli


When buying a wedding Lehenga choli, you will likely make mistakes. Here are common mistakes you should avoid when choosing designer Lehenga choli for brides.


You probably think that buying a bridal Lehenga choli is a simple task. However, the buying process can be overwhelming, even when you know exactly what you want. Many boutiques offer different wedding Lehenga designs, and you can easily get confused when you go shopping. As a result, you are likely to make mistakes and buy a Indian bridal Lehenga outfit you never intended to buy. Here are common mistakes brides should avoid when choosing their bridal Lehenga choli.

1. Not Researching Before You Go Shopping

Most brides don't research enough before shopping for a bridal Lehenga. As a result, they find many new designs on the market they have never seen before and get confused in the process. They can end up buying an outfit that is not suitable for the big event. You should research the best bridal Lehenga choli style and the latest trends to avoid that. This will help you have an idea of your dream bridal Lehenga. It will make the buying process easier when you visit physical or online boutiques knowing what you really want.

2. Sticking to One Particular Style

Researching will help you have an idea of what you want to wear on your wedding day. However, many brides have a fixed mind and stick to one particular design of Lehenga choli. If you go shopping with a fixed mind, you may take a lot of time looking for it, and you may not even find it after all. You need to have an open mind about the design, colors, hues of a shade and have several options you can choose. This ensures that if you can't find one style, you have several other options.

3. Rushing to Buy

Some brides wait until they have finalized all wedding preparations to buy a bridal outfit. This makes them rush the buying process, which can make them buy an outdated or low-quality outfit. Buying the bridal Lehenga too late puts too much pressure on your shoulders, and you are likely to buy am Indian Lehenga you don't like because you will not have any other option. Therefore, plan to buy your wedding Lehenga like 6 months before the wedding. This gives you enough time in case you want to make adjustments to it.

4. Ignoring Your Skin Tone and Body Type

One of the biggest mistakes brides-to-be make is not knowing their skin tone and body type. If you buy a bridal Lehenga that doesn't compliment your skin tone, you will look awkward on your big day. Know your skin tone and look for an outfit with colors that enhance your beauty to get it right. In addition, most brides choose wedding outfits that look good on models. However, they forget that the hired model has a different body structure from their own, and there is a high possibility that the outfit may not look good on the bride. Therefore, you should know your body type and buy a wedding Lehenga that looks good on you. If possible, try the outfit before buying it.

5. Getting Carried Away by Short Term Trends

There are many short-term Indian bridal Lehenga choli designs that seem attractive. However, if your mind is blown away by these short-term styles, you will have wedding pictures that you won't like in the future. Although knowing the new styles is advisable, be careful to buy styles that won't be fashionable after 6 months. But you can get creative by ordering a custom-made Lehenga choli with hints of your personal style.

6. Not Setting a Budget

You are planning to have your dream wedding and want to look like a princess on the big day. Different wedding Lehenga outfits are available at different prices. Some outfits are affordable, while others require you to dig deeper into your pockets. Don't make the mistake of going to buy your wedding Lehenga without a budget. Without a budget, you are inviting confusion and stress during the buying process. However, you will have an easy buying process with a budget as you know what you are willing to spend and look for Lehenga choli within your budget, saving you time and avoiding confusion.

7. Not Paying Attention to the Fabric

You can make a big mistake of not considering the fabric of the wedding Lehenga you want to wear on the big day. If you don't consider the fabric, you may buy an outfit that is not comfortable or one that doesn't give you a fine look. Most fabrics like Georgette, pure raw silk, chiffon, brocade, net, and velvet are ideal fabrics you can go for. But choose one that makes you look beautiful and feel comfortable.

8. Thinking Too Much

Don't make a mistake of thinking too much about the outfit you want to wear on your wedding day. Overthinking will even confuse you more as you concentrate on tiny details that won't even matter. Sometimes, it is better to research a bit and choose an Indian Lehenga choli based on your instincts. You can also ask your trusted friends to help you choose your wedding Lehenga outfit.

9. Paying too Much Attention to the Skirt and Ignoring Blouse and Dupatta

You may focus too much on the Lehenga skirt but ignore the dupatta and blouse. However, you may not know that the blouse and dupatta will determine your overall look during the wedding. Choose a comfortable and beautiful skirt and a nice-looking blouse and complete the look with a colorful dupatta. In addition, it is advisable to consider the jewelry you want to wear on the wedding day when choosing your Lehenga choli.

Final Words

When choosing a bridal Lehenga choli for your wedding, you need to be cautious to avoid the above mistakes. You just need to take your time, research the best bridal Lehenga, and you will choose a perfect design suitable for your body type and skin tone. Don't overthink. Just know what you want and go for it. But remember to have several options in case your first choice is not available.