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7 Latest Trends In Australian Swimwear

While fashion trends come and go quickly, popular styles for bikinis and one-piece swimsuits remain relatively unchanged. However, that doesn’t mean your favorite swimwear from a decade ago will be enough for this summer. 

If you’re looking for new swimsuits to show off at the beach or the next pool party, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn which Australian swimwear styles are currently in for the season:

Australian Swimwear

1. Romantic Styles And Florals

You can never go wrong with classic floral prints in the summer. Whether on hats, dresses, or swimwear, flower designs will always be a staple when the warmer months roll in. 

Swimsuits for women have always exuded sexiness and femininity, and floral patterns on the latest Australian swimwear are a testament to that. Additionally, swimwear with frills and ruffles is also quite popular nowadays. The romantic styles radiate feminine beauty on the beach, like a curious mermaid exploring the shore. Combine these cuts with floral prints in soft pastels or watercolor hues, and you’ll have a dreamy swimsuit by the sea or pool.

2. Retro Cuts And Prints

If you like vintage fashion, you’ll surely love the emergence of 50s and 60s-inspired swimsuits. Nautical designs and polka-dot prints are back and aren’t going away soon. Retro-style swimwear generally flatters any body shape, making them a popular choice. The figure-hugging and waist-shaping suits will be a boon for anyone wanting to hide a few pounds. 

Retro swimsuits also come in various colors and prints. So, if you’re looking for something more subdued, you’ll eventually find one to your liking. Pair your swimwear with accessories from the same era, like those huge sunglasses in bold shapes and colors, to make yourself feel like you’re in the 1960s on your next beach trip.

Australian Swimwear

3. Bared Shoulders

You know what they say; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Summer’s the perfect season to show off those beautiful broad shoulders with the use of a strapless swimsuit. Off-shoulder tops are essential wardrobe pieces for summer outfit ideas, so it shouldn’t be a surprise for Australian swimwear to follow the trend. 

Your swimsuit doesn’t have to be an entirely strapless bikini either. Other options such as one-shoulder tankinis, off-shoulder tops, and frilly bandeaus are available. It’s up to you if you want to choose something that bares more of your shoulders, or if you want something that can cover some parts. Just remember to pick swimwear that’s made of nylon and is one size smaller than your usual to prevent sudden slippage.

4. Strong And Athletic Shapes

Water-based sports and exercising are getting increasingly popular lately, so it’s a given that there will be an increase in athletic swimwear. Since athletic swimwear is now marketed to non-athletes and beginners, you can find various options that come in different colors and prints. Some of them may even be chlorine-resistant, perfect for most swimming pools.  

Aside from their sleek and strong design, athletic swimwear allows you better movement and more freedom to dive and do anything without worrying about the swimsuit slipping off or tearing up. You can make all the powerful moves you want in the water, just as a professional athlete would.

5. Matching Sets

Summer is the best time to hang out and bond with the family. So, if you have kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear matching swimsuits with the little ones. That’s as long as they’re up for it, of course.  

Wearing matching outfits as a family, or as a couple, is not something new, but it’s still a cute and lovely sight to see. Coordinated or matching swimwear will also give parents and concerned beach-goers an easier time spotting the mischievous youngsters when they stray off a little too far.  

Looking for matching parent-and-child swimsuit sets seems challenging, but you’ll be surprised that there are many options available online these days. To make searching for matching Australian swimwear more exciting, make sure to let your kids choose what they want you to wear.

6. Gender-Neutral Styles And Colors

Modern society has understood and is more accepting of a wide-ranged gender spectrum, and this gives rise to the importance of making gender-neutral clothes available. Unisuits, thigh-tucking bikini bottoms, and comfy swim shorts are available for all genders to wear. Queers and trans-people can confidently go to the beach with these neutral-colored and appropriately-designed pieces. This is certainly a trend that won’t go away. 

7. Ribbed And Stretchy Fabrics

Gone are the days when you should only wear a two-piece when you have the body for it. Whatever your body shape, you can wear any swimsuit style you want since many brands now offer designs in stretchable fabric. This allows you to wear comfortable pieces and still comply with swimming pool etiquette.  

You can still be both sexy and reserved while wearing a ribbed-fabric swimsuit. Moreover, the suits are comfortable, so you can move or lounge around and still look amazing.


When looking for Australian swimwear, trends are a great guide to follow. But more importantly, your personal style and comfort matter most. No matter what design, print, or color you choose, it’s vital that the swimsuit fits you perfectly so that you can have a safe and fun time at the beach or pool.