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7 Iconic Looks You Can Recreate In 2022

A new year is always a reason for a fashion statement! Whether you go for something classical and dainty, or something more emancipated and wild, there’s always room for experimenting and leaving your comfort zone. 

With that in mind… There’s something to be said for recreating classic looks from past years and decades in ‘22. Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic celebrity looks that you can recreate this year.

Audrey Hepburn-”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

iconic dress

A ‘little black dress’, something you’re going to need in 2022 and forever. Coco Chanel transformed this look from something you’d wear during the mourning period, to a chic, modern and elegant garment, but it was Audrey Hepburn that made it iconic. 

Combined with a large pearl necklace, oversized black sunglasses and long black gloves, you  can create a timeless image of grace and elegance. 

In 2007, the British Daily mail made a poll among its readers to find out which item is considered a ‘must-have’ in a woman’s wardrobe. Most readers voted for Givenchy’s iconic “petit robe noir” made for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Whether you go for a shorter and tighter, or a longer and softer style, it is the perfect choice for any occasion.

Princess Diana- “The Revenge Dress”

Princess Diana- “The Revenge Dress”

This off the shoulder black cocktail dress spotted on Princess Diana at the Serpentine Gallery in London, 1994, is an iconic look that you can go for anytime you want to make a statement.

This is no ordinary look. Princess Diana wore it on her first public appearance after Prince Charles announced their marriage was “irretrievably” over. This dress by Christian Stambolian is daring to the extent that it is called “the revenge dress” in the media. 

In black or any other colour, an off the shoulder decollete dress will highlight all of the feminine parts of your physique. Daring, sexy and chic at the same time, this look will blow your ex’s mind!

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake-matching denim moment

Princess Diana- “The Revenge Dress”

Look back at Britney Spears’ and Justin Timberlake’s iconic matching denim moment. Remember the 2001 American Music Awards? How could we forget Britney’s patchwork denim gown and her rhinestone choker necklace, matching with her then-boyfriend, Justin, in his light-wash Canadian tuxedo and cowboy hat… 

This red carpet moment defined a fashion trend for the entire decade. It’s super easy to recreate, and is suitable for any occasion. Pop on a necklace or a choker and wear your high heels to make your denim outfit look more chic, or go for a sportier look by wearing trainers or sneakers.

Matching outfits with your partner is the perfect idea for upcoming Valentine’s day!

Kate Middleton-Classy Monochrome 

Kate Middleton-Classy Monochrome

The Duchess of Cambridge went for a vibrant red monochrome set when giving a speech for an important cause. Her outfit was an all-red turtleneck sweater and pleated midi-skirt by 

Christopher Kane with light brown leather pumps, and a mini leather “Demilier London” handbag. 

This is one of Kate’s iconic looks in that it highlights her elegance and grace. A monochrome set, be it a pantsuit or a midi skirt paired with a turtleneck top, is a great choice when you don’t feel like mixing and matching colours. 

Monochromatic outfits are great for women of all sizes. They make you appear taller and slimmer by creating one seamless line from head to toe. 

While monochrome is some of the best fashion we can take from 2021, it really isn’t anything new. Major style icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn have often opted for monochromatic looks. There’s no doubt that monochrome is going to make a major comeback!

Sara Jessica Parker - Met Gala Zac Posen dress

Sara Jessica Parker - Met Gala Zac Posen dress

Sara Jessica Parker is known for her impeccable style and her unique outlook on fashion. Even18 years after “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw is still a major fashion influencer.

For the 8th Annual New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala, Parker decided to take something from Carrie Bradshaw by going for a breathtaking hot satin pink Zac Posen gown and mismatched heels from her own collection. This style was taken from the memorable “Escape from New York” episode.

Let’s take a separate look at her citron and fuchsia sandals with crystal buckles, which perfectly compliment her dress. Jimmy Choo, Jacquemus and other iconic designers have started to pop the mismatched shoe trend into their collections. 

This fairytale look is so completely over the top, so risky and out of our comfort zone that it’s definitely worth your attention! Why not try something completely new for a special event? Why not be your very own Carrie Bradshaw for one evening!

Jennifer Lopez- Iconic Versace dress

Jennifer Lopez- Iconic Versace dress

This daring, sexy, emancipated look is more “Jlo” than ever! When Jlo took the red carpet at the 2000 Grammy Awards, the media went insane. This jungle-print Versace dress was revolutionary with its extremely low cut way below her navel. 

Google search exploded with the amount of attention this look drew! This fashion moment even led to the birth of Google Images.

This is the star’s most “naked” and daring look, which she decided to recreate in the SS20 Versace show, where she looked sexier than ever, even after all of the super-models walked the catwalk!

Whether you go for a jungle print or a subtle design, a silk, light-weight dress will fit any occasion. It is up to you to decide how low your cut will be… but it’s always a good idea to try something completely new.

After 2 years of on and off lockdowns, now is your time to take a trip down memory lane and try and recreate some of the most iconic celebrity looks! Depending on the situation or the occasion, you can be flirty and daring like Jlo, or subtle and elegant like Kate Middleton. 

Don’t be scared to experiment with colours, styles and silhouettes. Mix and match, or don’t match at all, remember SJP’s shoes…  After all, we are the ones that make fashion trends, so why not surprise yourself with something completely new? If you usually go for monochrome, try something wild for a change! 2022 is your time to shine!