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6 Tips to Caring For Your Jewelry

Your jewelry is important. Whether you wear it for special occasions, a job or just because you love how you look with them, you should take care of it. If you want to ensure your jewelry lasts longer and stays shiny, here are six tips for caring for it.

Caring For Your Jewelry

1)  Do Not Wear Your Jewelry While Exercising

It is important to avoid wearing jewelry while working out because the body heat, sweat, and humidity can cause damage. Also, remove your jewelry while swimming since the chlorine in water can be damaging. So, if you have exceptional jewelry or cost too much cash, do not wear it during these times. Instead, store them away safely where they will not be ruined.

Also, ensure you buy quality jewels so that they can last long. You need to be careful when purchasing gold jewelry since there are so many imitations in the market. The presence of professional jewelry photography is a significant indicator of a trustworthy jeweler. You can get genuine jewelry from reliable stores at an affordable price.

2) Take Care Of Light And Heat

Too much heat and light can harm your jewelry. Some special gemstones are vulnerable to prolonged heat, while others may bleach under the sun. Too much heat can cause your jewelry to fracture gems or cause tiny cracks.

3) Pack With Care

If you are traveling, it is simple to place everything together. However, a diamond can scratch gems or pearls. Therefore, it is wise to store each jewel in its own fine cloth pouches to avoid scratching, dulling, and tangling of necklaces. For additional protection, wrap each jewel in a tissue.

4) Safely Store Your Jewelry

Many people overlook proper jewelry storage. You should never toss your jewelry on top of your dressing table or a drawer as it leads to scratches and damaged gems. Most jewelry pieces come with pouches, which is a suitable place to store them. For example, sterling silver ought to be kept in an anti-tarnish cloth.

You can also buy a jewelry box with individually padded slots for rings and places for hanging bracelets and necklaces. Avoid storing opals and pearls in a dry area since they absorb moisture from the air, and storing them in a safe deposit box can do more harm.

5) Designate A Place For Your Jewelry

Your jewelry is something of value so ensure you store it properly. If you like buying jewelry, with time, you will find that you have a collection that requires space for storage. However, before you choose a place, consider the type and style as certain types need specific treatment. For example, pearls are fragile, so any bumping into them can cause damage.

6) Stay Away From Chemicals

Everyday chemicals such as hair spray, cosmetic products, perfume, and many more can make your jewelry discolored, especially gold, platinum, and silver. These chemicals can also damage other items such as pearls. So, remove your jewelry before applying these chemicals to avoid spoiling them.

These six tips will help you take care of your jewels better. Your jewelry is important and precious to you, so it is critical to take care of it. Therefore, use these tips to make your jewels shine all the time.