Personal Style
January 22, 2023

6 Tips on Finding Your Personal Style

Your personal style won’t always be the same as fashion trends. It’s not about following the newest style today. When you know what your personal style is, you can have fun dressing yourself up. With the latest trends changing more frequently, you may have difficulty catching up.

It’s alright when you first don’t know what style suits you. You can start by experimenting with your styles. Personal style can only be yours when you own the look. Having your personal style can be fun and cheap when you know your look. Your personal style may also be found through online shops like

Knowing your personal style can start from looking through your closet to modifying your own. If you don’t know your style yet, here are some tips you to finding your personal style:

1. Check Your Closet

You can start finding your style by looking through your closet. Checking your closet is a cheap way to check for clothes to wear. Looking through your closet will help you declutter and, at the same time, look for the clothes you love wearing. It might be more shirts, dresses, skirts, or pants, where you can find your style of the day.

You notice the patterns and choice of colors you like to wear by checking your clothes. Evaluating each of your clothes can pinpoint which style will lead to your own.

2. Find Your Inspiration

Find your personal style by choice of your inspiration. Who is your inspiration when you’re going for a look? It can be a celebrity, a model, or a fashionista. Sometimes you don’t even need to look at someone famous. Your family, friends, or even someone from your workplace can serve as an inspiration. It can even be a style or look you saw online.

Looking for inspiration can also come from gathering looks you see online or reading fashion blogs. Checking your social media accounts helps when you’re looking for inspiration. Once you have your inspiration, you will once again notice styles you like that may lead to your personal style.

3. Get Into the Fitting Room

Trying it on is one of the experiments you can do to find your personal style. You don’t need to buy the clothes, all you have to do is try them. Get in the fitting room and try the clothes that interest you. Once you’ve tried them on, you can see which clothes will look good on you.

Shops can have all the clothes you’re looking for online. So when you’re done browsing online, you can look at the actual shops and try them on. Trying on clothes will help you get the styles that might be perfect for you. 

4. Borrow Clothes

No one is going to judge you for borrowing clothes. It’s one of the ways you can see if a piece of clothing will look good on you without adding them to your closet. You can borrow your clothes from your family and friends or even online. There are shops for lending clothes. You don’t have to worry about the cost since borrowed clothes are cheaper than buying them. 

5. Mix and Match

Mixing and matching clothes is the real experiment. Clothes don’t always come in pairs, so you have to learn how to match. Mix and match can be fun with the mountain of clothes you have in your closets, or you’re planning to buy. Creating your style by mixing and matching pairs can boost your confidence in choosing clothes.

Once you learn how to match your favorite clothes, you can have fun shopping for more. When you learn how to create your mix, you will realize what clothes you love, and it will help you find your personal style.

6. Sew Your Own

If you can’t find clothes that fit your style, you can always sew your style. Mending your clothes is one way to personalize them. When you know how to sew, you can modify your clothes—adding elements that will make them your own.

Learning to sew your clothes is not easy, so best to learn how to modify them. Additionally, you can create vast amounts of your own clothes by learning to sew. 

Importance of Having Your Personal Style

Style is a person’s way of expressing themselves. It’s the art of creating your personality as unique as you are. A person’s style can be in the way of wearing clothes, accessories, or hairstyles. Style can be timeless. So when you know how to put an outfit together expresses your style.

Having your personal style helps you express yourself. When you have your personal style, you unleash your creativity. It allows you to be yourself while also having fun. It boosts your confidence and self-love. Personal style is about developing a sense of self. It is much better than keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Once you have your style, you create less waste in buying clothes. Not only that, but it also helps you lessen the clothes in your closet. Styling lets you own your individuality and helps you shop sustainably.

Show Off Your Personal Style!

In finding your personal style, the 6 tips mentioned above can help you achieve that. You can look for your style in your closet. Having a style inspiration can also help in finding personal style. If you’re not planning on buying, you can always try window shopping or borrowing clothes for something cheaper. Also, try mixing and matching clothes on your own. Last is sewing to modify your clothes.

The importance of having your personal style is you get to express yourself. Style is an adventure to explore. Get yourself experimenting with different styles to find your unique self. You can get creative with styling, and it will boost your confidence. Styling helps you shape your individuality while sustainably shopping.

Finding your personal style is not easy, but there’s always a chance to start. Learn how you can style with the tips available here, and you’ll have your personal style that suits you.