6 Makeup Tips to Follow for the Summer
June 09, 2020

6 Makeup Tips to Follow for the Summer

6 Makeup Tips to Follow for the Summer

How makeup can help you achieve your best look depends on the season that you're in. Here are makeup tips that women should follow for the summer.

It's a hot summer day and instead of having a good time you are distracted by the drenched feeling your makeup is giving you. All you wanted to do was look your best this summer, but your makeup is not giving you a chance.

Luckily, there are ways you can still rock your look during the heat. Here are 6 makeup tips to follow for the summer:

1. Use a Powerhouse Makeup Primer

If applying primer is not part of your daily makeup routine, the time to add it is during the summer. The few seconds it takes to apply will be worth it.

After your moisturizer, put on a primer, particularly a powerhouse makeup primer. Investing in one can give you a light layer that will keep makeup from melting even on a hot summer day.

2. Use Bronzer

One of the best makeup tips for the summer is glowing up with a great bronzer. The benefits of bronzer include the illusion that your eyes look brighter and your teeth look whiter.

Keeping it fresh and natural is the most important summer look that can be done by applying bronzer to just the high points on your face.

3. Try Sheer Shades

Deep colors can look heavy in the summer. Lipstick for the summer should be sheer versions of your favorite shades. Even your eye shadows should be sheer during the summertime.

Nude shades are always a safe way to go, but there are other sheer colors to choose from. You should even consider losing the bold nail polish colors just for the summer.

4. Dewiness Not Shininess

If you suffer from oily skin, the summertime heat is probably your worst enemy. Everyone wants a nice glow, but a dewy glow, not a shiny and sweaty one.

Blotting papers can eliminate unwanted shine. This is one of those makeup tips you'll never want to forget.

There are many options for moisturizers that can help prevent shine from happening, but during the summer it may be a harder task than usual. This cheap option can keep your makeup looking good as new at all times during the summer.

5. Waterproof Versions

You can't think of summer without thinking about being in or around water. Whether that be a pool or on the beach, makeup lovers can benefit from waterproof products during the summer.

Waterproof makeup is the way to go during the summer. Invest in good products such as a nice waterproof mascara.

6. Use Tinted Foundation Drops

Cosmetics can be heavy to wear during the hot summer air, but everyone wants to look their best during this season.

If you must wear foundation, you may find yourself needing different foundation colors after a while in the sun. Instead of buying an entirely new shade, use tinted drops.

These foundation shade adjusters can be added to light and dark foundation types. Just aff a few drops to change the color before putting it on your skin.

Makeup Tips For You!

These makeup tips for you can keep you looking your absolute best this summer. Don't let the heat stop you from feeling yourself.

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6 Makeup Tips to Follow for the Summer