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6 Fashion Essentials You Shouldn't Be Spending Too Much Money On

Creating your ideal wardrobe shouldn’t be an expensive process. Where fashion is concerned, experts believe it’s about balancing quality and price to achieve great looks.

While trends come and go, wardrobe essentials (such as the right leggings for women) can spend a lifetime in your closet without going out of style. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive versions of these pieces, though, you can invest in alternatives that won’t jeopardize your finances. Read on to learn about the six fashion essentials you need in your closet, but don’t need to break the bank for.

Sports Leggings

Activewear and athleisure have gained popularity in recent years, and many companies have capitalized on the trend by producing pieces at steep prices. However, not everyone can sacrifice that much money to cop a pair of buttery soft leggings.

When looking for the right sports leggings, it should be more about the way the leggings feel than the brand name they carry. While some companies have built their brand around exclusivity and higher price tags, there are affordable options out there for quality leggings you can use on the daily.

Fortunately, many companies have designed reasonably priced sports leggings to meet consumer standards. Instead of spending two or three times as much for a pair of leggings that you will just sweat through, invest in a high-quality pair of sports leggings from a reliable brand.

White Sneakers

Most fashionistas would argue that the ultimate goes-with-anything shoe in your wardrobe is a pair of basic white sneakers. These shoes are so versatile because they can be paired with literally anything in your closet. Many white designer sneakers on the market today have similar silhouettes and designs as their more affordable counterparts, so you can definitely get away with achieving the same look on a budget.

That said, you shouldn’t have to spend a ton on white sneakers, especially if you are going to be wearing them every day. Allowing them to get beat-up with time can also give them a little extra character and charm.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress, or LBD, is a definite wardrobe essential. This piece can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn at any time of the year. However, don’t feel like you need to invest a lot to find the perfect LBD for you. With endless affordable options, you really shouldn’t be spending a fortune to achieve a chic and timeless look.


Since the mid-twentieth century, jeans have gained popularity and have now become a general staple for casual wear all over the world. Finding the right pair of jeans to fit your body is important to make you feel your best when wearing them.

Iconic denim brands are a bit pricey, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to go over your budget when purchasing a trusty pair. Multiple retail brands sell respectable jeans at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

White Tees

In general, it’s a good idea to save your money when buying white t-shirts. Its versatility allows them to be paired with various pieces in your closet, but you also run the risk of them shrinking in the wash, getting stained easily, and experiencing general wear and tear. Instead of spending USD 50.00 or more on a single plain white tee, you are better off spending much less for a similar result.


Hosiery tends to run. A more expensive pair will probably take longer to tear and ladder, but will eventually meet the same fate. Instead of spending more on one or two pairs, you can stock up and buy multiple ones for less.

While it is always great to treat yourself to a nice designer piece every once in a while, you can look just as great without spending too much money. Keep these tips in mind when curating your perfect wardrobe, and you’ll pull off fantastic outfits day after day.

6 Fashion Essentials You Shouldn't Be Spending Too Much Money On

fashion ebooks

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