5 Ways to Style a Satin Midi Dress This Summer
July 29, 2022

5 Ways to Style a Satin Midi Dress This Summer

If you're looking for a super trendy fabric to wear this summer that's also incredibly comfortable, you need more satin in your closet. The material is lightweight and breathable which makes it the perfect material to wear during warmer weather.

Aside from major comfort, satin dresses are not only stylish on their own but they can be easily elevated in a way that won't leave you feeling too warm during those hot summer days. A must-have piece to keep in your closet is a satin midi dress. Read on to learn how you can style this piece for stunning summer looks.

5 Ways to Style a Satin Midi Dress This Summer

Pair with Heels for Events or Date Nights

Satin material looks very luxe which makes it the perfect style for dressing up. If you want to maintain an elevated look with a satin midi dress, play it up with heels. For summer, go with heels that are strappy, slingbacks, or sandals. You can't go wrong with pumps, either.

Whether you're attending a wedding, gala, or going on a date, a satin midi dress with heels will look incredibly fancy. Plus, the satin material is cooling so if the venue is warm, you won't have to give a second thought to sweating too much. That's definitely a win for summertime fashion.

Layer with a Basic Tee

In addition to satin coming back into style, 90s fashion is making a comeback. A quintessential 90s trend that pairs well with a satin dress is by layering a basic tee shirt underneath. While white t-shirts are typically worn with this trend, you can go with other neutral colors like black, brown, or cream. Or, if you love bold colors, slip on a baby pink, blue, or red underneath your satin midi dress. This style tends to pair well with satin dresses that have spaghetti strap sleeves but play with the look in a way that matches your personal style.

Add a Cropped Jacket

If you prefer to layer up your looks but want to maintain a cool body temperature, consider adding a cropped jacket over your satin dress. A cropped blazer, moto jacket, or jean jacket will pair well with your satin midi dress. Depending on which type of jacket you choose, your look can be more casual for streetwear or elevated for workwear, which makes the style incredibly versatile.

Pairing with a cropped jacket is a great way to transition your dress from day to night. Wear the dress as-is during the day and when you're ready to head out to dinner with friends, you can throw on the jacket or blazer to keep you warm in the cool night air without sacrificing style.

Keep it Casual with Sneakers

Not into dressing fancy but want to enjoy the benefits and style of a satin midi dress? Add a pair of sneakers to keep the look more casual for streetwear. A pair of chunky white sneakers, checkerboard slip-on shoes, or white tennis shoes go well with a satin dress. This creates a much more casual appearance to the look that you can wear when you're hanging out with friends or going to the farmer's market.

Accessorize with Satin

Satin makes a wonderful accessory, especially when paired with a satin midi dress. A summery satin headband or scarf will look chic and since the material is cooling, it won't be uncomfortable in the heat. Keep your hair out of your face with a satin headband or use a scarf to wrap it into a headband. Use a satin scarf to tie your hair into a ponytail for a classic look.

Feel free to mix up the colors, too. The material on its own will lend itself to pair with the dress. If you're wearing an emerald-colored satin dress, pair it with a cream-colored or floral satin scarf. There are so many possibilities with satin accessories, so play around and have fun with them.


Satin midi dresses are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. You can dress it up or dress it down so you can wear it in multiple ways all season long. You'll find yourself turning to your satin dress more frequently and won't want to wear anything else because it's so comfortable and looks amazing. You'll never get sick of this summer staple. If you don't have any satin in your closet for this season, it's time to start shopping to stay trendy and chic.