5 Ways to Get Shiny Hair so You Always Have a Good Hair Day
March 31, 2020

5 Ways to Get Shiny Hair so You Always Have a Good Hair Day

No matter what your hair texture is, you can have healthy-looking hair by following our shiny hair secrets. Learn how to get shiny hair here.

5 Ways to Get Shiny Hair so You Always Have a Good Hair Day

Dull, lifeless hair is a nightmare for many men and women. Unfortunately, there are many possible causes for this condition. Hard water, vitamin deficiencies, excess heat, and even too much sunlight can cause hair to become brittle, dry, and dull.

Anyone wondering how to get shiny hair can quickly feel frustrated if they're not pursuing the right treatment options. However, the following tips and tricks can help minimize frustrations and ensure that even the most damaged locks get their chance to shine. 

How to Make Your Hair Shiny

If you've ever wondered how to make hair shiny, wonder no more! Here are five fantastic tidbits of advice that can help.

1. Use Hair Oils

Hair oils are typically natural herbal, vegetable, or plant oils that are applied to the hair and scalp after a shower. Oil and water don't mix, so it's essential to allow your hair to dry before adding oils to it. If you want to use a hairdryer to expedite this process, that's fine!

However, if you do decide to use a hairdryer, be sure to set the dryer to cold air, rather than hot. Also, be sure that the product you choose does not contain alcohol. Alcohol can cause excessive skin dryness and damage your hair.

2. Clarify Your Locks

A clarifying shampoo is a great place to start when making hair shiny. These types of shampoos remove excess oils and dirt, resulting in squeaky-clean strands. It's important to note that after using a clarifying shampoo, most hair types tend to be vulnerable to damage. 

So, if you do decide to clarify, be sure to avoid excess heat or sunlight directly afterward.

3. Take a Supplement

Poor nutrition can quickly result in damaged, dull strands of hair. Overwhelming stress not only affects the luminosity of your locks but can also cause your hair to go grey earlier than expected! A nutritious diet, regular exercise, and proper mental health care are excellent ways to protect your hair's shine and color.

However, a supplement or vitamin may be a better option for individuals without access to regular nutritious meals. SugarBearHair supplements contain six essential vitamins and a laundry-list of hair-friendly minerals. 

4. Embrace the Cold

Heat and UV light can destroy the natural sheen and shine of hair. Embracing cold water while showering, and avoiding excess sunlight or heat (like a blowdryer, hair curler, or straightening stick) can be a fantastic way of enhancing natural shine and reducing potential damage. If staying out of the sun is not an option, then a hair sunscreen may help.

5. Brush Every Day

While over-brushing is a dangerous habit, brushing your hair at least once a day is a great way to distribute natural hair oils throughout your locks. Using the right brush for your hair type is just as essential. Round brushes are great for achieving waves or curls, while broad brushes are excellent for straighter styles.

Get Your Glow On

No one has to suffer from sad, dull, and damaged hair. Though there are several potential causes of brittle, unpolished locks, there are also a ton of ways to treat and heal these dull strands. From investing in hair oil to taking a useful supplement, there's plenty of ways to transform your hair.

There's not a moment to lose when investing in your health. Don't wait to attempt these tips and tricks! The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll notice remarkable results.

If you're interested in learning more about how to improve your self-care and lifestyle routines, check out our other articles today!

Author - Chris J

5 Ways to Get Shiny Hair