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5 Sustainable Outfits For All Personality Types

The fashion industry everywhere is currently experiencing a major boom and keeping in mind the current environmental concerns, designers are producing sustainable outfits.

They are certainly the need of the hour. Somebody has aptly said that ‘A style is a reflection of your attitude and personality’. Every individual has its own style and probably a different personality. And there is no denying that both of them go hand in hand.

So, have you ever wondered what is your fashion personality type? Though it is quite a daunting task to define, we have tried to condense it in five categories. And also suggested 5 sustainable outfits for all personality types. Are you ready?

5 Sustainable Outfits For All Personality Types

Sustainable Outfits

1.) Timeless

Fond of classic, elegant and polished looks? People in this category type are in general very organized,  practical and like to make a statement with their versatile choice of clothes.

Drawn to refined clothing, they like to invest in fabrics without compromising on quality. Colour-coordinated apparels just work right for the people falling under this head. And talking about jewellery or accessories, well, it doesn’t necessarily be the focal point.

Sustainable outfit for your personality type- A professional looking ensemble for the work front. Opt for a white dress which works perfectly for your job interviews or corporate meetings. Crisp white blouses, pencil skirts, ballet flats, pearls, solitaires, dark-denim are just your choice of clothes when it comes to shopping.

This integral closet piece will make you look polished every single time. For parties go for either a blazer suit, silhouettes or solid coloured full-length maxi dress with pearl earrings and pointed stilettos. Pastels can bring you joy so, opt them for your casual wear with a scarf and pants. These outfits will make you the epitome of timeless beauty.

2. Bold

Ladies who love to grab attention and make sure they stand out from the crowd are classified in this particular category. They favor bold colors, high heels, statement necklaces, and earrings.

They tend to match up with the ongoing trends and never fail to impress the audience with their irresistible aura.  Being quite expressive with their choice of clothes, they are known to create a masterpiece every time they are on the red carpet.

Sustainable outfit for your personality type- Figure hugging silhouettes, Plunging necklines, short hems with heels, caps, ghats, bracelets and basically everything branded.

Planning to raise the temperature this season? Consider wearing a party sweater dress with knee-length boots, a statement ring, earrings or sling bag and red colored lips. You are ready to make heads turn around you for sure. One may also opt for a mini dress with some glittery heels and dark eye makeup.

Switch on to a bohemian look for your upcoming vacation or turn retro for the New Year’s Eve. So, girls where’s the party tonight?

5 Sustainable Outfits For All Personality Types

3. Feminine

Shades of pinks and flower prints never disappoint these ladies. They absolutely look dreamy and ethereal with laces, bows, floral patterns, and everything girlish. They can be quite flirty and playful at times but can give some serious fashion goals when it comes to Vintage looks. Ladies who fall in this category are sensitive and extremely gentle.

Sustainable outfit for this personality type- Ruffles, laces, gathers, floral prints, layered skirts, and vintage looks will work wonders for you. Try out ballerina flats with demure earrings for an enchanting look.

Ballet flats are kind of a classic staple and immensely comfortable to wear. Make sure it is branded or else it would tear out easily. And whenever in doubt try on your little black dress irrespective of the occasion.

4. Experimental

Crazy and bizarre fashion choices are traits of this personality type. Funky choices, bold patterns, playing with colors is something they constantly look up to. They love to nail it with some drama and luckily they do it every single time.

For some they might appear insane but mind it, nobody else can pull off those yellow colored pants or similar outfits better than these ones. These ones leave no stone unturned when it comes to pulling off airport or gym looks also.

Sustainable outfit for this personality type- A cowl neck top with ripped jeans made of sustainable fabrics, eye-catching heels and matching dangling earrings. Love to workout? You wouldn’t mind choosing those bodybuilding workout clothes with unusual patterns because you know you’re gonna rock it.

Experiment with squares, circles and zig-zag patterns on your shirt. Opt for some funky necklaces or earrings with your favorite sling bag.

Do not forget to put your shoes or sneakers or flip-flops on.  How about wearing your favorite Disney character imprinted on a blazer this winters?

5. Spirited

For those of you who feel originality is the key, fall in this particular personality type. You want it simple, self-expressed and manage to make it unique.

Your unconventional methods work out best for you and there is no denying that nobody ain’t like you. With less drama, you are more of spirited and whimsical.

Keeping up with the trends is certainly something that doesn’t bother you much.  Comfort in clothing is your ultimate priority and you certainly wouldn’t want to mess it with.

Sustainable outfits for your personality type- Your way of dressing as mentioned already is individualistic with innovation.

You defy all traditional rules because your clothing choices are just as unique as your personality. Different colors, prints, textures, accessories will attract you. Eco-friendly jogger pants, boyfriend jeans, a loose pajama or t-shirt, tunics, v-neck solid colored tops, plain blue jeans with a pair of good-looking shoes or chic sneakers are your thing.

So, all ladies out there! Time to personalize your fashion personality with some quirky and classy sustainable apparels because what you wear tells a lot about you! Tell us about your personality and your favourite apparel in the comment section below.

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5 Sustainable Outfits For All Personality Types