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5 Hottest Women's Hairstyles Trending This Autumn

5 Hottest Women's Hairstyles

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Autumn is finally here, and we all have been waiting for it. Everything about the season is amusing; the leaves and breeze, baking your favourite pies and having a pumpkin spice latte. Besides that, the weather brings its chic fashion along with it. The stylish jackets, warm scarves, and berets add the missing factor to our outfits.

Autumn is when you can experiment with your hair and try the hairstyles that have been on your list for a long time. Moreover, there are a variety of shades that can enhance your look and style. Hence, the following hairstyles can help you look your trendiest for the season.

1. Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is the hottest hairstyle for autumn 2022, one of the edgiest and trendiest looks of the season. In spite of its casual appearance, the haircut gives off a natural posh vibe. It looks classy and elegant with formal wear as well as streetwear, such as baggy pants and mock necks.

The haircut is incredibly popular in Singapore this season, and we have seen Singaporean actress Fann Wong doing justice to it.

If you’re looking to bag this look this autumn and don’t want to mess it up, what better place to get it done than Singapore? You can also flaunt it in the clubs and restaurants while you’re there.

Tanjong Pagar is a multicultural area located in southern downtown Singapore. You’ll find several nightlife options as well as reputable hair salons. We recommend visiting Hair form, a renowned Tanjong Pagar hair salon that will give you a total hair transformation you won’t be disappointed with.

This haircut is best for girls with bold yet snazzy personalities, mostly suitable for women with small oval faces. Women with square face shapes should avoid this style as it might make their features look harsh.

Blunt bob is the kind of hairstyle that looks well on curly and straight hair. Change up your look this autumn with a stylish blunt bob and hair colour services, and embrace your inner confidence." - Hairmasters Hair Salon Owner

2. Air Touch Balayage

Balayage hair is finally coming back this autumn but with a twist. However, this year, we’re letting go of the traditional balayage method that requires backcombing and teasing the hair to attain a smooth mixture of colour. Instead, a new technique named air touch balayage is taking over. 

The new method is unique as it uses the air technique, where you section the hair in two parts and cover the highlights in clear films or foils.

We will see air balayage more this season as it is a more friendly technique and compatible with Asian hair. Since Asian hair is naturally dark, freehand balayage does not work well on it. The traditional technique is unable to lighten the hair successfully.

Furthermore, air balayage is the style that works with all skin tones and brings your skin colour out more. The dye also works equally well with straight and curly hair compared to traditional balayage, which only looks suitable when you style it with a curling rod. This style will help you achieve sleek and lustrous hair that will boost your style and confidence.

3. Modern Shag

We will see modern shag make an appearance this autumn. The style is striking and gorgeous. It is a haircut that involves layering your hair into different lengths. The layers at the front and side are shorter and textured, while the layers at the back are longer.

It is a medium-length haircut ideal for people who want to try something new this season. The haircut is a perfect combination of a street look paired with a contemporary style which will be highly popular among the new generation. Additionally, this style will look best on women with long or oval faces. It will also look great on women with sharper features as the hairstyle will complement them more.

You can also bring out the hairstyle more by trying different hair colours. For example, you can add ash grey highlights as it will bring out your shag more. Another beautiful colour that will look stunning is ash violet. Pairing your shag with unique and creative colours will further emphasise it.

4. Sleek Ponytail

The sleek ponytail is one of the best hairstyles returning this autumn. It's an old saviour hairstyle that never fails to impress. After a long break, it is back in 2022, and we love it.

The best feature of a sleek ponytail is that it is easy to pull off and does not require much hair maintenance. So, for example, freshly washed hair looks just as good as two-day-old hair. Furthermore, as the names suggest sleek, it favours women with straight hair; however, you can attain the look by straightening your hair. 

Additionally, this hairstyle complements almost every face structure, but it looks the best on a long, oval face with sharp cheekbones. It is also a great hairstyle for a fancy party or a lovely evening out.

To achieve the look, you must gently comb your hair with a thin tooth comb, which will smooth out any tangles and bumps. Then apply a small amount of hair mousse on your hair and comb your hair back. Lastly, tie them up with an elastic band.

5. Wispy Bangs

It's no secret that wispy bangs are all the rage this season. You’ll see Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Selena Gomez sporting this light and flirty look. With a wispy bang, you can carry your autumn wardrobe and look even prettier.

The hairstyle is effortless and can be done at home rather than spending a hefty amount on a salon. You can style them with a hair straightener or even a curling iron to give them an edgier look. 

The hairstyle complements a variety of face shapes, but it is best for rounder and fuller faces as it enhances their features. Wispy bangs are very versatile, and you can pull them off by wearing them in a ponytail, a hair bun and even with your hair down.


Every season comes with its trends and styles, and autumn of 2022 has a lot of hair trends to follow. This year a variety of styles are coming up that will upgrade your look and make you feel your best and finest self. Try out all these stunning looks that will enhance your features and make your hair look even more splendid.

Top trending hairstyles that made the cut this season include sleek ponytail, wispy bangs, the modern shag, air balayage and the blunt bob. Wear them on any occasion and take your style to the next level.

5 Hottest Women's Hairstyles