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5 Fashionable Ways To Wear Cashmere Wraps

Mixing and matching clothes is a fun way to spruce up your wardrobe while learning which outfits best emit your personality. Considering the vastness of the fashion industry, everyone has near-infinite options to put together; even choosing accessories is extensive. After all, while everyone’s focused on your overall outfit, your accessory does the subtle work of bringing your ensemble together.

Cashmere wraps are one of the best accessories you must consider adding to your closet. Even though their material is best used for withstanding the winter air, that doesn’t stop cashmere wraps from being worn beyond their practical purpose. Despite how warm and durable they are, they’re also known for their versatility. 

Here are some fashionable ways you can wear a cashmere wrap:

  • Soft Cashmere Travel Wrap

  • Their fabric makes cashmere wraps an excellent addition to your travel aesthetics. Given the environment of most transportation modes, you might end up freezing even before reaching your destination. Fortunately, cashmere wraps are always there to keep you warm while you’re outside.

    A cashmere wrap is beautifully soft, and helps keep the wind off your neck while you’re traveling. Choosing a travel wrap made from 100% cashmere is a fantastic option, as it will keep you extra warm on your journey, such as the great selection at Italy In Cashmere

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    What’s great about cashmere wraps is they can be styled in different ways. However, considering you’ll be traveling to various places, you’re bound to experience all kinds of climates. Style your cashmere wrap into a one-shoulder wrap or over-the-head drape to withstand these drastic temperature changes. 

    To make your one-shoulder look happen, ensure that one end of the wrap is longer than the other. Drape it over one shoulder and ensure it’s already covering half of your body. To secure it even better, take the short end and loosely wrap it around your neck. Depending on how tight you want your one-shoulder wrap, ensure the short end is already touching your backside or the side of your body.

    The over-the-head drape is somewhat similar, with only one key difference. Instead of only covering your shoulders and torso, a portion of the wrap must go over your head, making you look like the red riding hood from fairytales. Since it covers the neck, using an over-the-head drape would be perfect for traveling.

  • Classy Cashmere Formal Wrap

  • A cashmere wrap can also complement formal wear without any problem. All you have to do is find the right style to complete your outfit. An over-the-head drape would be applicable in this scenario, considering how demure it makes the wearer look. However, consider using the wrap style to achieve the utmost elegance.

    Spread your cashmere wrap and envelope your body with it. Ensure that both ends are hooked on top of each other over your shoulder. With one end tossed over the other, let it hang down, allowing mobility in one of your arms.

  • Stylish Cashmere Night-Out Wrap

  • Even though some of their aspects are vastly different from formal events, there’s no denying that night-outs also have their brand of elegance. After all, dressing to impress must be applied, regardless of the occasion. But, considering it’s a night out, you might prefer colors that lean toward darker and richer tones.

  • Casual Cashmere Daytime Wrap

  • Even though you’re going on an errand or a simple stroll, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. Consider draping a cashmere wrap around your neck—ensure both sides hang down equally to give your casual outfit an elegant touch. It's perfect for those who don’t want to make too much of a fuss over how they look but still want to experiment.

    You may also loosely fold the cashmere wrap lengthwise until it’s thin enough to look like a long scarf, then loop it around your neck. Toss one end over your shoulder, and enjoy looking like an icon.

  • Cozy Cashmere Winter Wrap

  • Cashmere was always meant to be worn in the cold; it's a no-brainer why cashmere wraps can be styled in so many ways that focus on keeping their users warm. However, one thing they all have in common is how many twists are included to trap the warmth. The best examples are the knot, the pretzel, and the blanket. Granted, most of them may seem bulky, but as long as you pick the right outfit, whichever cashmere wrap style you've chosen will work for you.


    Adding an accessory can bring your outfit to the next level. With so many options, picking one might be a tough decision. However, cashmere wraps are any beginner fashionista’s must-try. Considering their versatility, you can style them however you want to complement your outfits. They can turn any ordinary or casual outfit into a more elegant ensemble. With cashmere wraps, you have no reason to continue looking ordinary. Every day is a chance to look chic!