5 Fashion Accessories with the Essence of Religion
June 25, 2020

5 Fashion Accessories with the Essence of Religion

Accessories are a form of expression for people, and religion is a part of their identity. Initially, religious accessories were simple and were worn by priests. Today, they have become a fashion accessory and are being worn by people across religions with traditional and modern outfits.

5 Fashion Accessories with the Essence of Religion

Here we have listed five such religious accessories:

  • Bindi – Hinduism

A bindi is a colorful dot that women place on their forehead. It is bright and colorful and looks like a decorative accessory, but it also has a religious significance. It symbolizes the third eye of the Hindu God Shiva and is said to radiate energy. While married women wear it to signify their marital status, it is now a fashion accessory.

Married North Indian women wear a round red bindi on a daily basis, while South Indian unmarried women and children wear bindis of various shapes, sizes, and colors every day and on special occasions. Both men and women also wear various versions of the bindi while offering prayers and every day.

  • Keffiyeh/Ghutra and Burqa – Islam

The Keffiyeh/Ghutra is worn by orthodox Muslim men and the Burqa is worn by the women. It is a checkered square cotton scarf that is wrapped around the head and tied or secured with a black circular double-rowed goat’s hairband agal/igal. It is now worn as a fashion accessory around the world. Actor Salman Khan popularized it in India by wrapping it as a scarf in various ways around shirts in his movies Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai.

The Burqa is a black dress that covers the entire body of the women. It is worn with or without a niqab which covers the entire face, except the eyes. Its modern version comes in shades of black and even other colors, along with different designs and also embellishments.

  • Cross – Christianity

The cross is a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is traditionally worn by Bishops. It is also a gifting item for the general Christian public for baptisms, etc. It is now a popular fashion accessory amongst Christians and non-Christians. It comes in various colors and sizes, metals like gold and silver, and colorful embellishments.

  • Kippah – Judaism

The Kippah is a Jews’ special hat that men wear to cover their heads throughout the day. It was first worn by priests in the Biblical times. While traditional orthodox men wear black velvet or silk Kippah, modern non-orthodox men wear knit/crocheted/leather ones.

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  • Dastar – Sikhism

The Dastar is traditionally worn by the Sikhs to tie up their hair. It is considered a symbol of honor and is predominantly worn by men, but now women have also started wearing it as a symbol of equality. It is worn plain and with ornaments and is matched with Indian and western outfits.


Different religions have symbols that have been modified with time. Elements have been added or removed as per people’s convenience and preferences, or to symbolize equality and freedom.