5 Fall Makeup Trends to Try
September 14, 2022

5 Fall Makeup Trends to Try

1. The Natural Eyelash Extensions Look

Eyelash extensions have been all the rage for the past couple of years keeping all the lash techs in your area skilled and busy. But this fall, the trends are changing. Eyelash extensions are still in, but the lash look has transitioned into a more natural look. Women are transitioning from a bold black, voluminous look into a more whispy natural look.

Sometimes eyelash extensions can look tacky if they are too unnatural looking, especially when you’re dressed more casually and not in full glam. Thankfully this look has transitioned into lash extensions that are more tasteful and can elevate any look no matter the occasion. Many beauty gurus are actually transitioning to doing their lashes at home through an eyelash extension kit. This is a great alternative as it saves money and time, while still accomplishing the lash look that is in this fall.


2. The “Clean Girl” Makeup Trend

Minimal glam is here to stay, along with TikTok’s newest “clean girl” aesthetic trend. This trend prompts a dewy, natural, glowy look which is often accompanied by a slicked-back bun or hairstyle. This look mimics a fresh out of the shower look that indicates, much like the name, a sense of cleanliness and freshness. This makeup look can be accomplished through dewy, glowy skin with lots of highlighter and hydrated skin.

This can be achieved through a great tinted moisturizer and liquid blush. Feathered eyebrows are a feature part of this look, so make sure you have your hands on a quality brow product. Less is more when it comes to this makeup trend, or “no makeup” makeup look. Siren eyes and natural lining with browns and grays are the perfect transitions into fall. The clean girl aesthetic is an effortless look that is sure to have you looking like your most glowy self this season.

3. The Lived-In Glam Look

Perhaps the opposite of the clean girl aesthetic is the lived-in glam trend. This look relies on makeup that tells a story, specifically one that indicates that you’ve been out all night and haven’t been home. This trend is based on your natural eyelid color and texture with eyeliner that has a purposeful smudgy, but not necessarily messy look.

The smudged liner gives a worn-in look and can be achieved by almost anyone as it doesn’t have to be precisely applied in order to achieve this desired look. Lived-in glam in all its smudgy and diffused glory is an exciting look to pair with fall, as it falls in line with the darker makeup trends that come with autumn instead of summer.

4. The Dewy and Matte Makeup Combination

Let’s face it, cream makeup is the preferred makeup consistency in 2022. This is popular as it creates a more dewy, glowy look that is so in right now. Cream blush is also extremely in as this summer we saw the rise of the sunburnt blush trend which is sure to follow us into fall with colors such as terracotta and peach rather than the tangerine and rose colors of the summertime.

The glowy look plays perfectly into the natural look so many adore, but this fall you should expect to see this look with just a slight twist. This fall we expect to see the combination of the dewy and matte look, where women’s skin is glowy but their eye makeup and lips are matte. This contrast will lead to a unique pop and is sure to have everyone complimenting this autumn.

5. The Lifted Eye Look

The lifted eye look is another TikTok trend that has swept the nation by storm and is sure to follow us into Fall this season. In a world in which so many people are fiending after facial lifts and plastic surgery that creates a lifted look, many beauty gurus are choosing to go the natural route and pursue makeup that gives the illusion of a face lift.

This is done by the trending eye makeup look. Makeup girls usually start by contouring the inner part of their eye crease all the way up to the midpoint of their nose. By then blending the contour up to the midpoint of the browbone, they are able to achieve a different look. Putting a shadow color on the outer corner of the lower lash line and blending outward and upward creates a lifted look. Most makeup girls make their last step by patting the lid color onto the center of their eye with either a finger or flat brush.