5 Essential Underwear Styles for Women
July 26, 2022

5 Essential Underwear Styles for Women

Of course, underwear is an essential component to every person’s wardrobe. However, not many people talk about the different, fashionable styles you can wear. Just like with any other type of garment, everyone has different preferences and needs, and it is nice to have a variety of different options to choose from. Maybe you like something comfortable and conservative, or maybe you’d rather wear a lighter and more scant option for underneath those tighter clothing pieces.

Whatever you prefer when it comes to your underwear choices, it is good to know the different options you have. So, if you are ready to upgrade your underwear drawer, keep reading below. We are sharing the top five essential underwear styles for women.

5 Essential Underwear Styles for Women

Why Are There Different Styles of Underwear?

Different styles of underwear work best for different kinds of occasions. If you are going out on the town or to a special event in a tight dress, chances are you would want to wear a thong in order to hide any lines or creases. However, if it happens to be your time of the month and you have a busy day of work, you are likely better off in something comfortable like boxer briefs. Therefore, considering the different circumstances of your daily life, it is a good idea to have a variety of underwear styles ready to go.

What Are the Different Styles of Underwear?

So, what are the most essential underwear styles to have in your closet? The top five underwear styles to have in your closet are boy shorts, thongs or G-strings, cheeky underwear, classic bikini underwear, and boxer briefs. These all offer different benefits for everyday wear. Let’s break down what each of these styles looks like, what they are best worn with, and why you should have them each in your wardrobe.

1. Boy Shorts

Let’s start with boy shorts. Boy shorts are a style of women's underwear that cover more of the hips and backside than other women's underwear styles. They're shaped like tight shorts, extending slightly past the crotch area and backside to cut off along the upper thigh. These are snug to the skin and they are often made with soft, seamless material in order to hide any unwanted underwear lines in your outfit. These are generally very comfortable. Therefore, boy shorts are a great choice whenever you are wearing tight dresses and pants but still want a decent level of comfort.

2. Thongs and G-Strings

Thongs and G-strings are great for those tight clothing items in your closet, as they leave little to no underwear lines no matter what you wear them with. They are sexy and fun, which can give you a great confidence boost, whether you are attending a special event, going on a date, or going out on the weekend with friends. From leggings and jeans to long dresses and jumpsuits, thongs and G-strings are a must-have item in every woman’s underwear drawer.

3. Cheeky Underwear

Cheeky underwear is the perfect combination of boy shorts and thongs. Cheeky underwear styles feature a narrower band of fabric across your backside than a typical bikini cut or boy shorts while providing more coverage than a thong. This style accentuates the backside, creating a playful look without sacrificing comfort. This style is great for any garments that you’d typically wear a thong with, but that allow for more movement and offer a looser fit.

4. Classic Bikini Style

Bikini style underwear is one of the most popular styles out there, and for good reason! It is always a good idea to have classic bikini style underwear on hand. Similar to a swimsuit, this style typically has a lower rise on the hip and a higher cut on the legs while still offering sufficient coverage on your backside.Whether you are lounging at home or going to run errands in athleisure, you can be sure that you will be comfortable and confident when wearing this style.

5. Boxer Briefs

Lastly, it is a great call for women to have a couple of pairs of boxer briefs in their closet. Whether you wear them with a big T-shirt for a comfortable pajama option, put them on under pants for added warmth on a chilly day, or you just want the ultimate coverage, boxer briefs can be an excellent addition to your underwear collection.

As you can see, the various types of underwear can help with different fashion needs and comfort levels. No matter what your everyday wardrobe and personal style look like, having these five essential underwear styles for women offers great benefits. Therefore, having a diverse selection of underwear can make your life easier – and more comfortable!

5 Essential Underwear Styles for Women