5 Easy Hairstyles For Girls On-The-Go
August 14, 2020

5 Easy Hairstyles For Girls On-The-Go

5 Easy Hairstyles For Girls On-The-Go

Getting your hair done is one of the most time-consuming tasks you can do at the dressing table. And if you’re not a salon regular, the one hour spent in front of the mirror per day can tempt you to go and get a month-long updo done immediately.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

An 8-hour sitting just to get your braids done is avoidable. There are five easy and chic hairstyles that will suit your easy everyday lifestyle. Even better, these hairdos are perfect for the girl-on-the-go. Thus, they’ll save you time while keeping you looking fresh. So, read on and try one out.

Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is one of the easiest and quickest hairdos you can don for a sassy day out. What you need is just a rubber band and your gifted hands.

To make the fishtail braid, you first have to pull your hair back into a simple ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into two equal sections. Finally, start by taking a half-inch section from each side, then crossing them on opposite sides. This will form the fishtail braid. Do this until you reach the end of the ponytail.

Don’t forget to secure the pattern by tying the braid at the end.

Easy Low Bun

Being on-the-go doesn’t mean you have to be messy at times. Thus, if the super messy low bun doesn’t cut it for you, the easy low bun might be the perfect hairdo. It even works well when you have thin hair or you’re donning a wig like this one from EvaWigs.

You can make the easy low bun using bobby pins, a hair tie, and a texturizing spray. First, use the texturizing spray to add a bit of hold and grit to your hair, if necessary. Then, separate your hair into three sections.

Tie the middle section into a ponytail. Finally, wrap the three sections around the hair tie to form a chic bun.

Space Bun

Space buns are among the best hairstyles you can try about three to four days after a wash. The reason for this is, they need a lot of texture to hold. Nonetheless, they’re still a lot of fun and easy to pull off.

The process is simple. First, separate your hair into two sections, leaving some pieces at the front. Then, brush each section into a messy bun at the top. Secure this messy bun using bobby pins to hold the look in place.

In case your hair doesn’t have enough texture, you can use a flexible hold spray to get just the right amount.

5 Easy Hairstyles For Girls

Twisted Half-Up Half-Down

If you’re looking for an easy, go-to party look, then the twisted half-up half-down is the updo you should try. This hairdo looks so sophisticated, yet it’s very simple.

First, you need to part your hair diagonally. This will distribute your hair evenly on both sides. Then, take the front portion of your hair on both sides and start twisting them backward. Once you’re done, pin them at the back.

Some hairstylists advise that you spray a bit of heat protection spray on your twisted half-up half-down updo if you want it to last longer.

Side Braid

The side braid is an easy hairdo for sorting out messy hair that doesn’t lay to the side you want. With this hairdo, you can sweep your hair to any side and walk through the door looking fresh.

To do this hairstyle, you first have to part your hair to one side, then bring the rest over your shoulder to the opposite side of the hair part. Then, comb the hair that’s framing your face into a curved swoop, before securing it with bobby pins to the side. Repeat this for the other side of your hair.

For the bottom part of your hair, spray it with hairspray before braiding it. Ensure you smooth out each section as you continue braiding. Finally, tie the braid with a clear elastic band at the bottom to secure it in place.

5 Easy Hairstyles For Girls On-The-Go