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5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

Piercing has been in a trend since the 90s. Mainly four body parts are famous in the piercing industry, and they are ear, nose, lips, and navel. Ear piercing has become a lot familiar nowadays (we mean different ear parts), every second person is getting different parts of ears pierced.

Nose piercing is more common among females while both men and women do septum nose piercing. The upper and lower lip piercing has also been in style.

Apart from all these piercing the sexiest one is navel piercing, also known as belly button piercing. But this piercing is also the one that needs the highest and intense care.

Before moving on to our actual topic, we would like to tell you something about the navel or belly button piercing. Firstly, not everyone is eligible for the navel piercing.

There isn’t any age-related issue, but by eligibility, we meant not every type of belly is qualified for navel piercing. For belly piercing, you need a good flap of skin above the stomach, if it isn’t there, then you are disqualified though you can try for lower belly piercing too.

And FYI, belly piercing can be done in the direction you want, upper, lower, right, left, wherever you want.

After the piercing is done, you will have to take intense care of the piercing; one wrong move can let the area get infected.

And for that, you will have to keep the pierced area clean (clean it with saline water for at least a month after piercing). There are many risks in this type of body piercing, and among them, some are allergic reactions, excessive bleeding, permanent scarring (if not taken care properly or if the Belly Button Ring has been pulled), infections, etc.

Take a decision only after considering the above situations. Now that you are sure about the navel piercing, we will tell you about the five basic types of belly button rings and only after reading the remaining article decide which kind of belly button rings you want to go for.

Banana Bell Ring

5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

The most popular belly ring is the banana bell ring. This type of belly ring is generally seen with the top of 5mm and bottom of 8mm. It is the curved form of barbell rings.

These types of belly rings are worn mainly as they are easy to insert and handle, and above all of this, it is the most comfortable one. Get yourself a golden banana belly ring having a skeleton with headphones, if you are a punk music lover. It will go best with denim shorts or jeans and a short flowy crop top.

Ball Captive Ring

5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

This is a not-so-popular type of belly ring. Usually, it is recommended for the one who got piercing done with the captive ring as its shaping will be slightly different from the piercing done with the curved barbell.

Though they are less worn, these are the rings that are most fashionable and can give you a perfect beach look. The simple yet elegant looking BCR with a single diamond stud is the belly ring that you should opt for.

Top Drop Ring

5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

Top drop or top dangle belly ring has a similar shape to the banana bell ring; the difference is it has dangle or jewelry at the one end, and it is recommended to keep that part on the upper side.

This top drop ring is mainly worn by the one who had the bottom part of the belly pierced. The top dangle belly ring is having tree branch shape with the diamonds studded on it, and that too of silver pleating is all you need to complete your traditional outfit.

Spiral Belly Ring

5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

The name itself indicates that it is a spiral-shaped barbell ring. This type of belly ring isn’t that complicated to wear, and it comes in the simplest form to the fanciest form.

Either it will have matching ends or sparkling and dangling ends. It has only one full revolution, and that makes it easy to wear accessory. This cute and alluring spiral belly ring having a heart-shaped sparkly diamond at one end is perfect for you to wear at friends outing or to a college fest.

Super Spiral Ring

5 Basic Types Of Belly Button Rings

Super spiral ring comes with the complete four to five revolutions and isn’t easy to wear. They need the practice to wear as it is to be spiralled until its middle part reaches the pierced area.

As they have four to five complete spirals, it is natural that it is the most extended form of belly ring and it will hang on to your belly button area. There aren’t any decorative balls or gem on its end. But it surely has a variety in colours like black, gold, silver, platinum and even multicolour.

These were the types of belly button rings, and we hope you have finalized the belly button ring you want to go for. But one more thing to consider is that you must get the piercing done from the certified piercer and make sure it is done hygienically to prevent any kind of bacterial infection.

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