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3 Easy & Affordable Look-Good Secrets For The New Normal

As the world accepts the fact that the pandemic is here to stay for a while, life is gradually returning to the “new normal”. The fashion trends this season are also aligning with the new mindset. Right now, the priority is to stay safe, even as you don’t want to compromise with personal style. Also, a lot has changed as fashionistas work from home and aspire to nail the office dressing styles virtually.

Moreover, you would want to embrace minimalism as spending a lot on dressing doesn’t make sense when money is tight. Thankfully, there is much you can do to look your best even as you stay on top of the virus with face covering and an on-screen presence. Here are some easy and affordable look-good secrets for the new normal.

Comfort is the key

Half of the world is still working from home even after businesses are reopening because most companies see it as a viable measure to operate without the risk of contagion.

When it comes to looking good as you work remotely, comfortable styles should be on top of your fashion wishlist. Pick double-duty outfits that keep you comfortable and relaxed and look great on the screen when you attend virtual meetings and video calls. Solid colors and basic designs make your best friends because they look amazing any day.

Opt for a capsule wardrobe

If you are looking to pamper yourself with a wardrobe revamp this season, the concept of a capsule closet is a good one. Essentially, it is all about stocking up on the basics and using mix and match to create diverse ensembles. You can explore the Sun Imperial range to get going with the wardrobe-essentials.

A basic white shirt, several vibrant-colored blouses, a few pairs of formal pants, a pencil skirt, and a classic LBD are great to start with. You can pick some sweaters, a blazer, and a jacket to get winter-ready. Some smart accessories and footwear will complete the staples when you need to step out and go back to work.

Stay true to your personal style

Even as you align your fashion statement with the new normal, stay true to your personal style. If you are comfortable with jeans and leggings instead of skirts and dresses, continue wearing them.

Basically, your wardrobe should carry outfits that you feel good in because they will make you look good effortlessly. At the same time, be open to experimenting with new looks and styles because you may discover something incredible with the new ideas. Look around for the latest trends on the internet. Spotting celebrity styles for the pandemic look is a great way to seek inspiration.

Right now, dressing like a diva may not be on top of your agenda as months of being cooped indoors may have you made lazy or disinterested. But this is a good time to focus on looking good because it may just be the catalyst that you need to get your zest, enthusiasm, and confidence back.

3 Easy & Affordable Look-Good Secrets For The New Normal