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10 Ways to Wear Diamonds That Never Go Out of Style

Wear Diamonds

Diamonds have a hold over all of us, with their wondrous luster and glittering appeal enticing even those who are ambivalent about fashion to stop and stare.

The even better news is that whatever your tastes and lifestyle, there are ways to wear diamonds to suit, so here are a handful of options to consider if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Timeless Yet Modern Diamond Wedding Sets

A diamond wedding set never goes out of style, even when the wearer has a preference for unique oval engagement rings, especially modern lab-grown diamonds that are more eco-friendly than mined gems.

These sets typically include an engagement ring and coordinating wedding band, highlighting the eternal beauty of diamonds. Choose a timeless yet modern design that you will love and cherish throughout your life, and you can’t go wrong

Dazzling Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are versatile pieces that can be worn with anything from casual outfits to formal attire.

These classic earrings come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect pair for any occasion. Opt for round cuts or princess cuts if you prefer something traditional, while marquise cuts offer a modern twist.

Elegant Tennis Bracelets

For those who appreciate understated elegance, consider adding a tennis bracelet adorned with diamonds to your collection.

This classic accessory features individual diamonds set into precious metal links, and wraps around your wrist delicately like liquid ice glinting in sunlight. As such, it’s beautiful enough for special occasions, while also being practical for more casual affairs.

Enchanting Diamond Necklaces

Necklaces have long been popular ways to wear diamonds, thanks to their ability to capture attention effortlessly while framing faces exquisitely.

Whether you opt for simple solitaire pendants or elaborate designs featuring numerous gems intricately connected together, there's no denying diamond necklaces possess enduring appeal.

Chic Diamond Rings for Everyday Wear

When many people think of diamond rings, they may focus on engagement and wedding bands. However, diamonds can adorn more casual rings too.

Consider stackable options or minimalist designs with small pave-set diamonds, which are perfect for daily wear without seeming too ostentatious.

Luxurious Diamond Brooches

Diamond brooches are an excellent way to give your outfit a touch of elegance, even if you choose not to wear other jewelry pieces.

These beautiful accessories add sparkle where ordinary pins might look drab or uninteresting. Better yet, there are lots of ways to wear brooches. Pin them onto lapels, or use them as statement-making scarf holders. The possibilities are endless when incorporating these lavish items into your wardrobe.

Stylish Layered Necklaces with Diamond Accents

Layering necklaces is a clever way to create depth and texture in an outfit, while showcasing multiple diamond accents alongside other materials, such as gold or silver chains.

Start by combining delicate pendants worn close to the heart, along with longer strands that feature bar stations inset with glittering diamonds.

Mix and match various lengths and styles for a unique look that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

You may also consider incorporating different shapes of diamonds into your layered necklace ensemble. Round cuts provide classic elegance, while pear-shaped or marquise-cut jewels add contemporary flair.

Bold Cocktail Rings Featuring Diamonds

Make a statement with a unique and eye-catching cocktail ring adorned with breathtaking diamond settings. These rings can showcase the diamonds as the focal point, or skillfully scatter them throughout the design, ensuring that they capture immediate attention.

Choosing bold diamond-encrusted cocktail rings is not only suitable for lavish events, but also adds an extra dose of glamor to your evening attire, or even more casual gatherings. Consider experimenting with various center jewels, such as colored diamonds or other precious gems, to create captivating combinations that highlight your distinct style preferences.

Alluring Diamond Anklets

Get people talking about your ankles with dazzling diamond anklets that exude elegance and sophistication, while also being playful and flirtatious. These contemporary jewelry pieces are perfect for drawing attention to your legs, especially when wearing skirts, dresses, or even cropped pants during warmer months.

Diamond anklets come in various styles and designs. from simple chains with delicate diamonds intermittently placed along the length, to more intricate arrangements featuring multiple strands adorned with an array of sparkling jewels.

If you want a look that’s always stylish, go for classic white gold or platinum settings. Meanwhile, yellow or rose gold anklets offer warm tones that beautifully complement sun-kissed skin. And of course when selecting the right diamond anklet, consider factors such as comfort and flexibility, because you don’t want to look good but be in pain while wearing it.

Delicate Diamond Nose Studs

Last but not least, you could embrace a subtle yet striking look with diamond nose studs, adding an elegant sparkle to your facial features once you’ve got the right piercing. These dainty accessories are the best of both worlds in terms of the scenarios they are suitable for, not looking out of place from day to day, while still having enough of an impact to wow at those special events.

With various cuts and sizes available, you can opt for classic round shapes or more distinctive marquise and princess cut diamonds, customized depending on personal tastes. Choose from diverse metal options like white gold, yellow gold or platinum settings that blend seamlessly with your skin tone to create the perfect accent piece as unique as you are.

Final Thoughts on Wearing Diamonds

Obviously there’s a lot to think about in terms of wearing diamonds, and it’s definitely something you need to build up confidence about, especially if you’ve not previously been a particularly bling-tastic person.

We’ve given you a few options, but this is really only the start of your diamond accessorizing journey. And among this selection there are options for all genders, as well as different budgets.

So, don’t tie yourself to a particular trend, but pick diamond jewelry that you feel connected to, and which works with your wardrobe, obviously!