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10 Best College Outfits in 2022

Being fashionable and trendy is easy in 2022! This also easy for a freshman who struggles to find a personalized way to look good while being taken seriously.

Why I’m doing this

2022 is here and rocking, rocking hard. Despite starting out roughly for the politics, Australia, and other things, this year marks the beginning of a new decade, which includes fashion.

Fashion plays an important role in the life of any college student, especially considering that this is the time for forming their tastes, creating positive experiences, and other stuff of youth.

So, being a confident student means being a successful one. That is where I come into play – I can provide you with advice on how to feel confident during your time at college!

Puffy sleeves

Usually, it is quite easy to distinguish freshmen among other students because of their behavior and outfit choices. So, let’s begin with some fancy stuff. Big sleeves were the trademark of 2019 and this didn’t change after entering 2022.

After all, this kind of interesting touch to any sort of a daily outfit can make you way more noticeable while pointing out your confidence, which hides the fact that you are a freshman in a comfortable and fancy way. So, compliments across all the campus are guaranteed!

Denim always works

When it comes to comfy outfits, denim works best. After all, you can look rugged, cool, and up-to-date while being fancy. This option is highly effective for both guys and gals.

There is that one thing with denim – you can find almost any type of clothing piece in existence and it will look awesome if made from denim. So, you can go casual by wearing jeans and a matching denim shirt, or you could go with casual that challenges the boundaries of formal clothing.

After all, nothing restricts you from rocking jeans and a button-up shirt. Make a good combination of colors and there you have it – a formal outfit that shows your ability to keep up with time.

If you can find professional CV services that give advice on how to dress up for a successful interview, trust me, they would include this option.

A jumpsuit is a thing in 2022

You may think that rocking a jumpsuit is kind of weird for a student, but I assure you that this is an awesome choice for those who want to distinguish themselves. The thing is about a fabric you choose and accessories.

Wearing a jumpsuit of the monochrome or calm colors is the first step. Couple that with a button-up shirt. There, you have a fancy, fashionable, and modern outfit. You can go further with some accessories.

A couple of bracelets, a necklace, or everything together. Just don’t go over the top and you look like a fashionable businesswoman.

Blazer is an eternal classic

Blazer has been and continues to be a staple element of any outfit. As with denim, it works for boys and girls. A blazer with some stripes and pastel colors is an effective yet simple way to look classy.

Couple that with your favorite pair of pants or jeans. Having some sort of denim bag or backpack complements the look. All-in-all, blazer could be easily considered as a universal piece of clothing as it can be easily combined with almost anything. Pants, dress, jumpsuit – everything works well with a blazer.

A suit – an obvious option

If you are looking for a respectable image, wearing a suit is an easy and affordable option. Getting a bright suit that complements your body type gives an impression of a professional who knows the deal.

So, I suggest this option if you are prone to a more serious vibe around you, which could greatly benefit you when seeking that internship, rocking a presentation, and wanting to feel confident about yourself.

Just try, I don’t know why, but wearing a suit automatically gives several points to self-confidence.

A direction for inspiration: K-Pop

K-Pop has taken the world by storm with eccentric Psy, but there are so many great bands with good music. I point this genre as a point for seeking inspiration because K-Pop is known for bright and interesting outfits.

here is something in the Korean pop culture that screams – fashion and style. You can find Kpop merchandise ranging from hoodies, caps and many more online from armymerchshop.com. Just don’t go too deep with the stuff and keep it simple yet fashionable. A rather simple option, yet highly effective.

A feeling of a festival

Denim is classic, a staple mark of any music festival. However, there are other options.

For example, wearing a light-weight cami is an awesome choice. It looks light, it makes you feel happy, and spreads the energy of youth around you. I would suggest pairing it with some sort of denim, dress, or skirt.

70ies are making their return

It is a well-known fact that fashion always returns to older times at some point. As it happens, 2022 is the year of 70ies. Woodstock, psychedelic fashion, liberty – all these things are on the rise. So, keeping those retro vibes is rather easy today.

It is possible to find a lot of vintage clothing and create your own perfect outfit. Consider wearing a pair of wide-leg pants with a bright top or, if you attend UC, a University of Cincinnati shirt or sweatshirt.

Midi dress

Continuing my rant about classics and the return of retro times, I strongly advise you to turn attention to such thing as a midi dress. This is an awesome option for those who love summer and everything positive connected to it.

After all, a midi dress is light, fancy, yet humble. Even more, it is so easily combined with other things. For example, put on a denim jacket, some sort of light top, or just tie a band around your wrist. There, you have that retro vibe while being humble about it and not going over the top.

Rock attributes

What is better than rock music? As the name suggests, it rocks, and so does the fashion. It is rather easy to find a t-shirt with some rock attributes on it, such as the name of some band.

Couple that with a bright shirt, jeans, and high boots. There, you are now a rock star yourself! An outfit that will lead you through the college with ease.

10 Best College Outfits in 2022