Why Zero Waste Shampoos Are Best?
April 06, 2022

Why Zero Waste Shampoos Are Best?

The future is here and it is looking right at us. There is really no waiting when it comes to the zero waste greatness. We love the planet Earth and we are here to show it fully. Proudly, very proudly, let’s tell the world we are fighting for its cause whether we get support or not. Just when you thought going zero waste was too hard and you can not do it, my favourite zero waste store came to the rescue.

Let’s start with small things, you don’t need to fix your act in just one day but do it with little steps. Little steps can go a long way when it comes to getting better. Zero waste is a lifestyle, not a drastic one day regime change. The more slowly you ease into it, the better and more permanent it is going to be. Let’s start with something small, something that seems almost insignificant but makes a whole lot of difference: shampoo. Have you ever thought about the kind of impact your shampoo bottles make on the environment? Here is why you need zero waste shampoos in your life.

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1. Economical As It Gets

Zero waste shampoos are the shampoos of the future which are economical as it gets in this age of really high prices.Let us all be real, we want to save money and this shampoo does that for you because it works for longer and uses less water.

2. Less Water Usage

Did you know that a bottle of shampoo is almost 70 to 80% water? Now imagine a billion bottles, how much water does that make? A whole lot, right! Zero-waste shampoos are great to use because they cut down on the water usage drastically.

3. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint may seem like a really complicated term but it actually means all the greenhouse gases that are released as a result of your actions. If you think about our carbon footprints and see how drastically high the number of gases released is, it will probably shock us.

4. Better for the Planet

In the long run, if you are careful about the environment, it is going to pay back to you because taking care of your planet is your responsibility. We should be mindful of the fact that we have to leave something to live off of for the coming generations and that is where your care will help. Be it just a shampoo bar or eco friendly reusable shampoo bottles.

5. Ethically Sourced

The best part about using a good zero waste shampoo is that it is ethically sourced and the ingredients come from places and people who deserve a good share of what is being made.It is great to look into labels when you are shopping to make sure that you get the right thing.

6. Packaging

Eco-friendly shampoos come in packaging that does not harm your environment in your not adding to the plastic waste in the world. That in itself is a great victory. There are shampoo bars that do not even require any sort of plastic cover and they are the greatest solution to plastic packaging.