Why You Need to be a CFA Charterholder
July 06, 2021

Why You Need to be a CFA Charterholder

If you’re a finance officer, chances are you’re looking for career growth. However, you might be confused about which certifications you should take to help you boost your portfolio. For a cost-effective certification that’s globally recognized, you should consider taking the Chartered Finance Analyst (CFA) course.

Notably, this prestigious course is held by over 170,000 professionals across the globe. When you register for this training, you get real-world, hands-on portfolio management and advanced investment analysis skills. The Chartered Financial Analyst curriculum consists of three levels, with each one having its exams. For starters, you should register for the CFA level 1 exam before you proceed to level 2 and 3.

If you’re considering advancing your career by getting the certifications to your portfolio, highlighted below are the top benefits you will reap once you complete your course.

Why You Need to be a CFA Charterholder

1. Good Job Prospects

While nothing on your CV offers you a straightforward job, getting a CFA Level 1 can help boost your credentials and prospects. In the finance industry, hiring managers understand the discipline and time it requires for you to charter. Therefore, earning the certificate is a demonstration of analytical abilities and work ethic.

Although, the certification doesn’t give you a direct ticket to getting a job. It provides you with the necessary analytical skills, asset management skills, among others, that provide you with leverage above other candidates when you apply for the same job.

2. Career advancement

By completing the program, you become a CFA Institute member. This is a global network with over 135,000 investment professionals, a pretty decent community to be part of and reap opportunities from. Besides, it offers you a variety of investment jobs, including;

  • Being a risk manager
  • Portfolio manager, or
  • Research analyst

3. Global Experience

Compared to MBA, a CFA charter is more recognized by big companies across the world. Therefore, getting you certifications gives you more refined skills such as;

  • Investment analysis
  • Financial reporting
  • Portfolio management, and
  • Economics

All in one go. With this certificate, you can work anywhere, and it will serve you throughout your life career.

For a better learning experience, we recommend joining Kaplan.

Why Learn through Kaplan

Why You Need to be a CFA Charterholder

They offer different learning modes. You can either choose in class, online program, or the professional self-study package through the Schweser Study Packages. Some of the benefits of learning through Kaplan include;

  • They’ve been voted the best training provider for Finance management.
  • They offer study materials and mock exams to help you master the concepts well.
  • Chartered CFA holders teach the program with several years of teaching experience.
  • They have a variety of study options to suit your individual needs.
  • They offer a comprehensive learning strategy that includes the 3Ps, Prepare, Practice, and Perform.
  • Kaplan has a knowledge base that comprises excellent resources, including videos and pdf questions.

Entry Requirements

To do CFA level 1, 2, or 3, you must have obtained a minimum age of 21 years. Besides, you must be a Bachelor’s Degree holder with 4-years of work related experience. Also, for language proficiency, you need to obtain a GCE O-level grade 6.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to register for a CFA level 1 course, check the exam and registration dates from here. Register today and get hands-on skills for one of the prestigious programs in Finance.