Why Won't Adult Movie Script Work for You in Real Life?
June 07, 2022

Why Won't Adult Movie Script Work for You in Real Life?

Some adult movie elements are clichéd to the point that they became parody, say, the plumber or pizza delivery guy tropes. Now, if you're someone who still fantasizes about those kinds of scenarios, that's perfectly fine. However, it's essential to realize that in real life, most people are not going to respond the way they do in porn.

And that counts not only for the obvious scripts – just like any others, porn movies are primarily made for your viewing pleasure. The people in them are usually not real-life couples, and they're mostly performing for the camera, sometimes even with simulations and fake cum. So don't expect your real partner to be as enthusiastic or accommodating as the actors and actresses on the screen.

The porn industry is responsible for a lot of unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, these can often lead to disappointment and even frustration in real life. To avoid this, it's critical to be aware of the difference between fantasy and reality. So let's take a look at some of the most common porn movie scripts and why they won't work in real life.

The Surprise Attack

This is a classic porn movie scenario where the woman is taken by surprise – usually while she's in the shower or doing some other mundane task around the house. The man then proceeds to have his way with her, and she always seems to enjoy it immensely.

In reality, this is not only highly unlikely, but it's also incredibly creepy. Most people would not be okay with being accosted by their partner, let alone a housemate, without any warning or foreplay. What's more, such an unexpected sexual encounter is more likely to lead to pain and discomfort rather than pleasure. In most cases, it would be considered sexual assault or rape.

The Delivery Guy, Plumber, Repairman…

An honorable mention. A classic porn movie scenario where the woman is home alone and the guy comes to fix something. While he's there, they end up having sex because, so it happens, the plumbing in her house is not the only thing that needs fixing.

Once again, this scenario completely ignores the issue of consent. No one wants to be sexually harassed by someone they've called to fix their sink (or the other way around), and most people would definitely not be okay with having sex with them. What's more, this scenario is often used as an excuse for non-consensual sex – which is undoubtedly not okay.

The Perfect Stranger

This is another popular porn movie plot where the woman is picked up by a stranger – usually in a bar or nightclub – and taken back to his place for some hot, steamy sex. Again, the woman always seems to enjoy it immensely, and the experience is always portrayed as being incredibly pleasurable.

And yet again, the scenario misses one very important detail – consent. While there are some people who indulge in this kind of bar-hopping, casual sex lifestyle, the vast majority of us would not be okay with having sex with someone we just met. In fact, most people would consider calling it rude a big understatement.

The Step-Sister

A scenario that is particularly popular in step-sibling porn. The woman is stuck at home with her stepbrother, usually because their parents have gone away for the weekend. By accident, one of them, typically the woman, walks in on the other one while they're masturbating or gets stuck in a compromising position, and they end up having sex.

This scenario completely ignores the fact that incest is wrong and illegal in many places around the world, even when it comes to step-siblings. What's more, it leads to unrealistic expectations about sex.

The Group Sex

A scenario that developed into threesome and gang bang porn. The woman is frequently more than happy to have sex with multiple partners, and she always seems to enjoy it to the fullest. In reality, most people are not comfortable having sex with more than one person at a time – let alone complete strangers.

The group sex scenario works well in porn movies because it's visually stimulating and can be quite exciting to watch. However, it skips all the required preparation and potential dangers that come with it. In real life, group sex is not something you just spontaneously decide to do – it requires a lot of communication and planning beforehand.

The Athletic Sex

This may not be a scenario per se, but it's a common element in many porn movies. The sex is always portrayed as being incredibly physical and athletic, with the couple changing positions every few seconds and trying out all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers.

In reality, most people are not that flexible, and making even a few seconds pause in between positions can ruin the fun. From the more physical side, sex is not a competition, and it's perfectly fine to take things slow and focus on your and your partner's pleasure rather than on how many positions you can try out.

Final Thoughts

Adult movies are a great source of sexual inspiration, but it's important to remember that they are just that – movies. The people in there are only characters who are told what to say and do; everything is scripted and not at all genuine. As such, it’s hard to expect that these scenarios can happen in real life.

If you want to spice up your sex life, there's nothing wrong with taking some inspiration from porn movies. Just make sure you're realistic about it and that you communicate with your partner beforehand. There's no denying that sex can be great fun, but it's important to remember that it should be enjoyable for all parties involved.