Why Use CBD-Infused Skincare Products
July 26, 2022

Why Use CBD-Infused Skincare Products

Nowadays, food items, supplements, and even skincare products contain cannabidiol or CBD. Even though it offers several health benefits when taken orally, it is also gaining popularity in cosmetics.

With proper usage and consistency, CBD-infused skincare products may have numerous positive effects on the skin. The infusion of cannabidiol in cosmetics has been debated for several years. After all, many of you may ask concerns about why someone would use CBD products for skincare instead of their standard cosmetic products.

The majority of skincare enthusiasts show more interest in using CBD-infused beauty products than the other available options because of their appealing benefits. CBD products may also be most preferred by anyone suffering from skin conditions that are pretty tricky to treat.

Individuals with skin problems may benefit from the use of CBD. However, it is worth noting that it is not yet approved for skin treatment. Therefore, the effects of using such products may vary depending on your skin type or skin concern.

CBD-Infused Skincare Products

Understanding CBD

To fully understand the benefits of using CBD products for skincare, it is essential to understand what CBD is.

More than a hundred compounds can be naturally found in cannabis and hemp plants. One of these includes CBD or cannabidiol. According to Dr. Richard Firshein, CBD is a form of non-psychotropic compound. In other words, this does not cause someone to have "high" effects. The compound that will make you euphoric is THC.

On the other hand, Dr. Dendy Engelman also stated that CBD taken orally would work as an adaptogen that eventually reduces the stress hormones in your body, including cortisol.

Incorporating CBD into your Skincare Regimen

First, using CBD products topically is not associated with any significant health risks. In fact, this compound is gentle and will not cause any skin irritation. Another good thing about CBD in skincare is its soothing and anti-inflammatory elements.

It is worth noting that anyone can use CBD as skincare regularly. The vast majority of its skin benefits can only be reaped through regular and long-term usage. Considering that this compound is not a hormone or medicine, you should not expect significant results after your first days of use.

Considering the costly expense and laws associated with CBD usage, most cosmetic producers use only modest quantities of the said compound in their products. Therefore, using CBD consistently for at least a few months is recommended.

Many dermatologists recommend their patients use CBD-infused skincare products at least twice a day, mainly if they treat certain skin conditions, such as controlling ectopic dermatitis and lowering sebum production. Because of its hydrating effect, you can also incorporate CBD products in your nighttime skincare routine.

It goes without saying that you must consider additional substances when planning to use CBD products daily. Aside from cannabidiol, most CBD skincare products include a variety of other ingredients. You can generally find other substances that will help treat your skin condition or achieve that youthful and glassy look.

CBD Benefits to Skin

Using CBD for skincare offers a plethora of skin benefits. One of these is its anti-inflammatory effects, which soothe skin redness and irritation while fighting acne. Acne-fighting products infused with CBD may also be used to reduce the appearance of psoriasis and wrinkles.

Another good thing about CBD is that it also contains powerful anti-oxidant qualities, which means that it can cure a wide range of skin problems. Incorporating CBD into your skincare routine allows you to access a product that offers a combination of stress relief, hydration, and skin protection against irritation.

Is It Safe to Use CBD For Skincare?

Many experts strongly believe that CBD has promising benefits and is generally safe to use. However, a lot of research is still needed to back up these claims. Make sure to talk with your physician or dermatologist if you are under medication, pregnant, a nursing mom, or need to take CBD products too often before incorporating CBD products into your skincare.

Although the skin benefits of using CBD-infused products still need more research, many individuals can testify that such beauty items have helped them overcome their skin conditions. Before using any CBD items, ensure to consult a doctor and take it under professional supervision.