Why Should You Move to Costa Rica?
June 29, 2022

Why Should You Move to Costa Rica?

Moving abroad can be a complex task and it takes several months to properly plan. There are lots of different things to organize and missing just one important thing can delay the process.

It’s not just the legal side of things that you need to take into consideration. It’s also the emotional and social aspects of moving to a new country that you need to think about.

Culture shock is a real thing and if you’re moving to a country far away from your own, it might take you a while to settle into your new home. Learning how to properly integrate into your new home town or city is key to making friends and becoming well accustomed to your new life.

If you’re currently considering a move abroad, you might already have a long list of potential countries. In this article, we’re going to tell you why Costa Rica should be one of your top choices.

Even if you haven’t previously considered Costa Rica as one of your options, you might be convinced otherwise after reading this article. You’ll be ready to pack your bags, book your flights, and start your brand-new life!

Things to Know Before You Move to Costa Rica

Before we get into the many reasons why you should call Costa Rice your new home, let’s cover some of the important things to know before you move.

  • You’re going to need health insurance in Costa Rica if you are not a native citizen. With health insurance, you can access hospitals and community healthcare facilities if you fall ill or get injured while you live in the country.
  • You’re also going to need a visa to legally live in Costa Rica. Depending on the reason for your move, you will need either a work, study, or retirement visa.
  • Take a look at the laws in Costa Rica as they might differ from your home country and the last thing you want to do is to get in trouble with the local authorities within the first few months of moving!
  • Organize your accommodation immediately after sorting out your insurance and visa applications. Make sure you have somewhere to live from the day as soon as you land in the country.

Reasons to Move to Costa Rica

From the hot tropical beaches to friendly locals, here are three reasons why you should move to the beautiful country of Costa Rica.


Health is important no matter how old you are or where you live. Costa Rica has a great healthcare system with top-quality doctors, nurses, and practitioners.

Costa Rica is in one of the Blue Zones and many of the residents live to well over 100 years old, partly thanks to the amazing healthcare facilities that are on offer.

Whether you need acute treatment for an injury or you need help managing a chronic medical condition, you won't be disappointed with the healthcare services in Costa Rica. As an expat in the country, you can experience high-quality public or private care and maintain a healthy lifestyle all around.

Make sure you have great health insurance coverage so you can access all of the treatments that you need. Your insurance will minimize your medical bills and enable you to use a wide range of hospitals and health centers.


The affordability of Costa Rica depends on the country you're moving from but relative to most of the other countries in the world, Costa Rica is affordable. Compared to many Western countries, such as North America and the United Kingdom, Costa Rica is much cheaper. You an also use moving companies like https://threemovers.com/moving-companies-usa-to-costa-rica/

You will find that the rent, groceries, public transport, healthcare providers, and even mobile phone plans cost less in Costa Rica than they do in other countries. Because of this, you will be able to live a more luxurious lifestyle and treat yourself to nicer things without overspending.

The housing is spacious and modern, but will still be much cheaper than a New York apartment or Los Angeles condo. You can find affordable single-person or family-sized homes across the whole country.


Because of Costa Rica’s location on the map, it has great weather all year round. The country has a nice variety of weather conditions so you can find a location that offers the perfect climate for your preferences.

If you enjoy basking in the hot sun during summer time, head to one of the coastal regions of the country. For those you who prefer a little bit of rain, there are parts of Costa Rica that have slightly cooler temperatures and the odd spot of rain.

There really is nothing to complain about when it comes to the Costa Rica weather. No matter where you are, you'll love the climate.