Why It's High Time To Ditch Fast Fashion And Switch To Sustainable Clothing Options
July 20, 2021

Why It's High Time To Ditch Fast Fashion And Switch To Sustainable Clothing Options

Fashion is a fast-changing world that thrives on bringing out the best appearances in people. With changes, the objectives and demands keep on changing too. Today it's not just about serving the purpose, and it is beyond that. Taking into consideration the surroundings and growing for a better future.

The age of fast fashion is soon coming to an end; a deeper thought has been invoked. The run for finding "new" irrespective of other aligning factors is replaced by "sustainably new." Let's get deeper into understanding the need for sustainability.

What is fast fashion?

It's a business model that has been running in the fashion industry for quite some decades. Bringing the latest trends into the market within the shortest period rather than taking a seasonal approach is the main idea of fast fashion. Satisfying the growing human need, fashion updated within a reasonable budget has attracted a large customer base to adopt fast fashion.

The dream of getting hold of runway dresses at a much affordable rate at the earliest has made fast fashion influence almost all age groups.

Though human satisfaction was met by fast fashion, the outcomes of fast fashion created fear in people's minds. When many clothes are produced at more frequent intervals, people become obliged to dispose of old clothes. But the act of disposal was never managed, and hence the waste generation piled up, creating a greater burden for the world.

Every process has its own time and requirements for completion. When a process is sped up, there are certain risks to it. Human labor and environmental effects became the least concern, making it a highly destructive effect. Moreover, it is also one of the greatest contributors to making the fashion industry the second-largest polluter in the world.

What is sustainable fashion and its need?

Sustainability is a need more than a want in today’s world. Sustainable fashion involves the consideration of maintaining ecological and social balance during the production of fashion goods. It not only means buying sustainable goods but also resorting to more eco-friendly activities to reduce waste generation.

The havoc raised by fast fashion made a conscious effect on humans to adapt to sustainable practices. Not only to make the situation better but also to make a living that is not just dependent on selfish needs but also a consideration for the surrounding.

What are the sustainable clothing options to consider?

There are a wide variety of sustainable clothing options to adapt. It not only helps the environment but also improves the quality of living too.

The use of biodegradable garments is one simple action to take into consideration. This would ensure that no waste is left behind on the face of the earth. Many sustainable women's fashion stores use biodegradable materials such as - cotton, hemp, jute, wool, silk, etc.  Moreover, these are skin-friendly, hence providing better comfort of wearing.

Upcycling of clothing helps to make the most out of the product. In upcycling, the old clothes are converted to another product with higher values and functions.  This helps to keep in check the waste produced and ensures that the available resources are effectively managed.

Thrifting is quite a very common concept today. There are quite many thrift stores available both offline and online.  In thrift stores, used clothes are sold, clothes that are in their best shape find another owner in the long run. Thrifting helps to revamp your wardrobe more often. You may find some authentic vintage dresses too.


It's time to act for the cause; every problem has a solution, making decisions to ensure that you do your part in incorporating the solution. Small initiatives can help make a big impact in the future. Bring out your altruistic sense to the fashion decisions and create your change.

Instead of depending on just fast fashion brands, you can get your products from sustainable clothing brands. It not only ensures quality and variety but unlike retail chains, they produce in limited numbers, and hence there is less waste to manage. It would also be great if you can find ethical stores with certification to ensure you are using the best clothing produced without any harm to the environment or to use further.