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Why Do Bikers Wear Vests?

Wearing of vests can be traced back to the early 1920s, in which members of an outlaw society were required to wear a vest. Otherwise known as a cut, a vest is a must-have attire for any biker. It is not just a piece of clothing that a biker will don when they plan to ride for the rest of their lives. There is more meaning attached to a vest or a cut other than for protection purposes.

As part of their outlaw life, bikers wear vests on which they sew in patches to identify with a particular club. They wear Leather Biker Vests and, in rare cases, denim vests. They establish themselves to be a group of like-minded lads who enjoy riding and being a part of an outlaw society.

Meanwhile, here are eight reasons why bikers wear vests:

Why Do Bikers Wear Vests?


The main reason why bikers wear the vest is for protection. A vest protects them from harsh weather conditions and from things that could cause bruises. Bikers are known to lay down their bike in the event they are racing or riding, and a vest comes in handy at this point. Additionally, bikers are prone to road accidents, especially when their fun-filled rides are concerned. However, vests protect them from minor bruises but do not fully protect them when they get involved in serious road accidents.

Maintain an Image

It is sporadic to see a biker on their Harley without a vest on. Bikers are known to don vests to maintain their image. A biker who doesn’t wear their vests is not taken seriously by other bikers. Wearing a vest establishes that you are a proud biker; it projects an image of a reputable biker. Additionally, a newbie biker will also wear a vest to attract acceptance from the other outlaw members.


Bikers are known to speed and engage in long drives. A vest, particularly a leather vest, comes in handy in ensuring warmth and comfort during cold seasons. It is an assurance that despite long rides, a biker will keep warm from their leather vests.


A defining culture of bikers is the type of vests they wear. It is a common culture associated with outlaw members in which they wear vests to identify with the society. Just like tattoos and assorted jewelry, vests form an essential culture for most bikers. A biker will always wear a vest when riding to prove that they are proud and identify with other outlaw society members.


A biker is not a loyal biker if he/she doesn’t wear a vest. Bikers wear both denim and a leather vest to complement their look. When layered over other attires, vests present an iconic look to a rider. It differentiates them from other motorists, those that are non-members of an outlaw society. However, most bikers opt to don leather jackets as not only are they comfortable but also stylish.


Among the things that differentiate a biker from another is a patch. Individuals wear club patches to identify with their clubs. However, patches are sewn to their vests, which is among the reasons why bikers wear vests. A biker who has ridden for long will have several patches sewn onto their vests, unlike a newbie who will probably have one patch sewn to their vest. You can tell how long a biker has been riding by the number of patches on their vests.

Keep Items

A vest always comes in handy for a biker, especially in holding items like cards, mobile, pistols, or even cigarettes. Most vests are made to have inner pockets in which a biker uses to carry their valuable items. When cruising around their bikes, bikers prefer to carry weapons along with them. The internal pockets come in handy to hold such weapons, especially on accounts where a biker wants to conceal a gun away from authorities.

Noticed at Night

Though seeming a little far-fetched, bikers wear vests under a visibility motorcycle jacket to ensure visibility, especially at night. It provides that other motorists on the road can see them, avoiding road accidents caused by lack of visibility.

A biker will always ensure they wear their vests when riding for purposes like protection, but the main reason is identifying with the culture. It is rare to find a biker riding without a vest; it is a requirement as a member of an outlaw society. Such reasons account for the question as to why most bikers wear vests.

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