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Which Flavor Of Malibu Is The Best?

Which Flavor Of Malibu Is The Best?

It wouldn't hurt to have a glass of alcohol from time to time, especially if you're on vacation to relax. Though whiskeys and bourbons are pretty famous, a Malibu rum is said to be a God-sent to bartenders, leading it to become a staple for beach bars.

It's also known to be the "holiday in a bottle" for its light and fruity taste. Depending on the size and type you ordered, you could expect an average Malibu pricing of $14.99 to $31.09!

How is Malibu different?

The Malibu was first developed in 1892 by an Englishman called Thomas Jago back to Barbados.

Initially, the drink was part of the Pernod Ricard group, a French spirit company with Chivas Regal and Absolut Vodka brands under its wings. Even if the liquor business has a dominant feature on the Caribbean flavor, the alcohol's name was inspired by one of the United States's popular beaches known as "Malibu."

Since Malibu uses coconut, its process may differ from the standard method in creating other rum brands. In fact, its production is performed through distilling sugar canes before aging them in oak barrels. Yet, the end product would be infused with any Malibu signature flavors, such as mango, coconut, pineapple, passion fruit, and lime. The Malibu rum with pineapple is a personal favorite, giving off tropical vibes and a refreshing taste. Some people may question the rum's quality given that it has fruit flavors, thinking that it might be an artificial kind. But Malibu's ingredients are all-natural, making it an excellent choice for cocktails or sipping shots without worrying about preservatives or additives.

Hence, the ingredients used as well as the aging effects influence your rum's prices.

Which flavors should I try?

Generally, there is no definite answer to what flavor is the best among the Malibu variations, as this is dependent on a person's preference. But if you'd like to know which ones are worth trying, tasting the following are sure to be a treat to yourself:


A coconut-flavored malibu rum will be the best option if you're looking for a cold drink to soothe your throat after a long day from work. It's also an ideal beverage for those who want to drench themselves in a pool or are just interested in having a sweet drink during game night.

Despite its criticisms for being too sweet and "lacking depth," this variation still became a hit, thanks to its versatility. It's up to you if you'd choose to drink it as it is or opt to use it as the primary ingredient for a much better drink, like the Bahama Mama.

The Bahama Mama is known as a tropical beach drink made with pineapple juice and Malibu coconut rum. Unfortunately, its history is unclear, but some records trace its origin from the 1950s and now gained fame for making different variations of loose drinks.

Frankly, we think that having it blended and frozen couldn't be outmatched by anything else. The reason is that the icy texture allows it to be a better company for a blender drink, plus it's an ideal choice for those who consume tropical drinks on the rocks within a few minutes, given that it offers a slower drinking pace for everybody.

Not only that, but it's also quicker to make by using these ingredients:

  • Coconut rum
  • Dark rum
  • Lime juice
  • Ice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Grenadine


Suppose that you'd like to indulge in a stronger flavor; in this case, we highly recommend going for a Malibu watermelon rum as its bold taste of watermelon guarantees a fruity and smooth finish.

So, if you're looking forward to hosting a party, it'll be wise to start the fun with jello shots! Fortunately, it's an easy and delicious recipe that you could create using a Malibu watermelon rum.

This could be a blast when served to friends during a barbecue, pool, or backyard party. So don't hold as we're more than sure that you'll have to make more than one batch. Before starting, it's good to prepare the ingredients, mainly:

  • Malibu watermelon rum
  • Sonic watermelon jello
  • Boiling water
  • Mini plastic jello cups
  • Watermelon gummies
  • Watermelon-designed tropical drink umbrellas

Frankly, you could use any jello brand, but we went with Sonic as this product typically comes in 4 oz of gelatin powder compared to other brands, which comes in 3 oz.

Though if you have the 3 oz gelatin powder at hand, you just have to modify the recipe by adjusting the volume of Malibu rum in the mix. Then serve them with your garnish of choice.

It could be the watermelon gummies, other fresh fruits, or watermelon slices. When in doubt, it's okay to just serve the jello shots to your friends with no garnish and place all three garnishes on a separate plate so your guests have options.


Usually, when a person is feeling cheeky, they pick a more intense drink to satisfy themselves. And drinking the Malibu black rum is one of the preferred ways to do that.

It may contain less sweet and a higher-proof rum, but it's not bitter. It still has a classic tangy coconut flavor, making it a perfect match for people who like their drinks with a bit of bite.

At this point, you may want to give the Piña Colada a taste as it's the principal recipe for a Malibu black rum. The ingredients include ice, Coco Lopez coconut cream, pineapple juice, pineapple slices, and diced pineapples.

For this drink, the Malibu black would serve as the base alcohol. Be mindful in adjusting the amount of rum you'd mix in, as it will add a darker taste to any drink. Of course, you shouldn't forget to buy the coconut cream and be wary of the "cream of coconut" product since the two are distinct. However, it often makes appearances near the liquor sections along with other mixers.

Likewise, adding pineapple chunks could enhance the flavor while making the blended drink thicker. You could even freeze the chunks on a baking sheet before using them. Lastly, it would help if you considered adding an añejo rum on the top of each glass for a more complex taste, though this is just optional.


There are other alcohol options that you could look into. Still, it can't be denied that Malibu has become a public's favorite for its uncomplicated trait that's also paired with affordable prices.

Above all, it doesn't require professional skill and a lot of thought to create them to finally sip the taste of the entire world with only a glass.