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Where to Buy Tomorrow's "Black Cat" Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 "Black Cat" first appeared in 2006 and soon became a fan-favorite.

The shoe was among the first Air Jordans not from the original Air Jordan to become popular because of its attention to detail and its clean colorway.

History of Air Jordan 4

In the beginning, Michael Jordan was given the nickname "Black Cat" because of his quick movements and his attack-first attitude when on the court. This nickname ultimately was the inspiration behind"Black Cat," the Air Jordan 4 "Black Cat" which is a triple black rendition of the classic sneaker. The shoe which celebrated its 30 anniversary in 2019, will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year, was first released in 2006, sporting its "Black Cat" colorway. The shoe quickly became among the top non-OG retro Jordans ever to be released.

It's not difficult to figure out the reasoning behind it. The sneaker is available in one color black. The uppers are constructed mainly out of black matte nubuck with shiny details on the eyelets on top and midsoles, tongues as well as midfoot cages. The Jordan Brand logo on the cap of the heel is black. This combo draws your eyes to the exquisite details of Tinker Hatfield's design without needing to be extravagant. Because of this, this sneaker is a great everyday beater.


  • Fit the Nike Air Jordan 4 fits exactly to size
  • Comfort It is super comfortable. Jordan 4 is super comfortable due to Nike Air cushioning
  • Care: Simply off your Jordan 4 with a specialist wipe
  • Size: Air Jordan 4 comes in unisex sizes that fit exactly to size

How To Spot A Fake Jordan 4 Black Cat

The fastest method of confirming the authenticity of a pair of Jordan 4 Black Cat would be to look at the insides from both angles. Also, verifying the information in the tag's size is an essential procedure when checking the authenticity of Jordan 4 Black Cat. Check the box label when it's available and make sure it has the exact details. In the end, the most effective way to verify the authenticity of a pair of Jordan 4 Black would be to check the tongue label on the pair.

  • The Overall Look
  • The Side Toe Box
  • The Cage
  • The Tongue Label
  • The Heel Area
  • The Size Label
  • The Insole
  • The Box Label

Identification of the Jordan 4 Black Cat: General Design

The initial step in this process should be the comprehensive examination of both pairs. There are many stitching patterns that can aid in identifying the fake Jordan 4 Black Cat pair. What you should be looking for are any irregularities within the stitching patterns around the cage. Be aware that certain retail pairs may also have manufacturing flaws So don't be quick to make a decision.

Before you proceed, be sure the design of the heel can be confirmed. The authentic pair should be of a specific form, that is prominent and bumpy. In contrast, imitation AJ4 Black Cat pairs tend to have a flat heel.

Fake vs Real Jordan 4 Black Cat: The Side Toe Box

The next step is looking at it from the sides and then observing its form. As you can see on this Jordan 4 Black Cat real and fake comparison below the genuine toe box is of a particular design that cannot be replicated by replica makers.

Check the facts about AJ4 Black Cat 2020: The Cage

In the upper portion of the foot box, we will find a cage that is also found in other areas that make up the set. The cage is a signature element of the Jordan 4s. And, those who fake it are rarely able to succeed in achieving it.

When you inspect the cage pay close attention to its thickness and the area of the intersections. In the images below, the real cage is much thinner and the intersections more distinct.

The Tongue Label: A Real Jordan 4 Black Cat Identification Method

When you are in verifying, be sure to keep in mind two key factors: the stitching as well as the printing. Certain lower-tier replicas could contain threads of the wrong color and the stitching could be extremely messy overall. These are definitely warning signs.

Furthermore, take a careful review of the Jordan logo print, as an example of one of its most frequent errors is the wrongly-shaped design.

Black Cat Jordan 4 Authentication: The Heel Area

There's a heel tab that extends over the lining on the back of the shoe. It helps us spot fakes quickly. False copies often have this tab being very wide. The bumps that are rectangular look large and unclear as well as the stitching pattern not being as. Being aware of these issues can help you avoid falling on a fake.

The Size Label: Jordan 4 Black Cat Legit Check

Although replica makers are becoming more adept in this area the size tag is among the top reliable information for authenticating. One of the most common signs of a fake Jordan 4 pair would be the printing of the words which is too thin (or thick) as well as the wrong design.

The Insole of the AJ4 Black Cat Verification Process

Like an insole's size tag, when examining the inside of the shoe, it is crucial to verify whether the insole is of a good quality insole and the material. An authentic Jumpman logo may also appear more substantial than the norm, simply because the ink is designed to last for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Jordan perfect believes in the Nike Air Jordan 4 is one of the most iconic Jumpman sneakers to ever be made. No matter if you're an old-school sneakerhead or are a new one, you definitely must have a pair to add to your collection. If you want to get your size, make sure you follow us via Twitter or download the most current version of our Mobile application now. We'll keep you informed of the most recent information on news and releases and any new raffles that could be coming up!


Do Jordan 4s have big or small sizes?

You'd think that since the Jordan 4 is a chunky shoe, it would be a little large, but they're exactly right when it comes to size! Be true to the size.

What do you think of the Jordan 4 compared to Jordan 1? Jordan 1?

My Jordan 1s as well as my Jordan 4s fit to size. In the case of the Jordan 1s, I'll go up a half size to add a little more comfort. However, the Jordan 4s always fit true to size.

What do you think of Your Jordan 4s?

I style My Jordan4s together with slim jeans with a t-shirt or bike shorts with an oversized t-shirt. They're a bit harder to style due to being very chunky, but with a few tips and tricks, they'll appear cool.

How do you clean your Jordan 4s?

The standard! A Jason Markk remedy whenever they're getting a bit smudgy and I'll be extra attentive when it's raining.

Are Jordan 4s comfy?

The Air Jordan 4 is one of the comfiest Jordan silhouettes I have ever seen. I could wear these shoes for hours without difficulty.If you want to buy cheap Jordan shoes, you can go to https://www.jordanperfect.com/