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What You Should Know as the Perpetrator of a Road Accident

None of us is immune from traffic accidents. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a driver of a vehicle. You can be an ordinary pedestrian and nevertheless become a participant in such an incident. An accident with victims always entails not the most pleasant consequences.

Even minor injuries to the victim are the reason for considering the case in court. In most cases, the injured party claims compensation for material damage. Getting a good accident lawyer is essential in such a scenario if you want a fair hearing and fast compensation.  Atlanta personal injury lawyer from Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys firm can help you in your case. 

Car Accident- The Help of a Lawyer

Of course, it is ideal to resolve the issue with the person injured in the accident "amicably," before the start of court hearings, by reimbursing the costs of treatment recovery, providing, if necessary, proper care, purchasing medicines, etc. 

The concluded amicable agreement can significantly simplify the further course of the criminal case with the minimum possible punishment for the offense committed. If in an accident with the victims inflicted injuries of medium and mild severity, the accident perpetrator can only get off with a fine a suspended sentence. A good car accident lawyer can be of help in such an incident.

Road traffic accidents resulting in injured persons are among the most complex and difficult to investigate. Often, it can take up to six months for investigators to reconstruct the whole picture of what happened. Responsibility for an accident with a victim is determined in various laws. The minimum and maximum penalties vary from state to state. 

If the victim receives serious injuries, as well as if the victim died at the time of the accident or after it, the driver is held criminally liable. In case of severe injuries, the punishment will be severe and may include restriction of freedom, imprisonment, arrest. If the accident caused death, the term of imprisonment varies in "tandem," with deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for several years. The maximum penalty will follow if two or more people die due to an accident.

What can mitigate the punishment for the perpetrator of an accident?

If it is difficult for you to determine the degree of guilt independently, you can seek the help of a lawyer who will act as a defender of the person responsible for the accident in court. Today, there are mitigating and aggravating factors. The first ones include the following:

  • The driver tried his best to avoid the accident.
  • Provided first aid to the injured person.
  • I called an ambulance myself.
  • He sincerely repented of his deed.
  • He fully admitted his guilt.
  • He did everything possible and in his power to reconcile with the victims.
  • Provided financial assistance and compensated for the damage.

Aggravating factors are:

  • The driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of the accident.
  • Grossly violated the current rules of the road.
  • Did not provide first aid to the injured.
  • Didn't call the police.
  • Fled the scene of an accident.
  • He resisted the traffic police.

For the punishment to the culprit of the accident to be minimal, the court session passed as quickly as possible, smoothly. Without incidents, a car accident lawyer will be required.