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What to Pack for Your Trip to Abu Dhabi Theme Parks: A Checklist of Essentials

Whether it’s exploring Gotham City, meeting Superman and the Justice League, or driving a Formula 1 race car, many of your childhood dreams can surely come to life in theme parks in Abu Dhabi.

But with so many exciting things being offered, and with your own enthusiasm overflowing, it is easy to forget crucial things that can ensure the best possible experience for you during the trip.

If you don’t want to miss out on anything, you’ll need to bring certain things with you to prevent any unpleasant scenarios or enhance already good ones. Not sure what they are? Read on for the complete checklist of essentials to help you pack for your theme park trip.


Whether you’re spending a long weekend or just one day in Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to pack several pieces of clothing and accessories when your itinerary includes a theme park, such as:

1. Comfortable water-resistant shoes

Trips to theme parks always entail a lot of walking – there’s no way around that. What you can do instead is to make sure that your feet are quite comfortable doing the task with the right shoes.

Choose a water-resistant pair. You’ll be thankful you did, especially since some parks have water rides that can increase the chances that your feet will get wet.

You can also wear flip-flops or sandals. Just remember to consider the park attractions you’ll be riding, like the world’s fastest rollercoaster in Ferrari World and other zippy rides, before deciding what to wear.

2. Hats and sunglasses

Although there are many indoor areas in theme parks in Abu Dhabi, you should still pack your sunglasses and a hat in case the sun finds you during the trip. These will help protect your face and eyes, not to mention they go with most ensembles designed for an Emirati getaway.

3. Summer clothing

Although it’s not technically accurate, some people say that it’s always summer in Abu Dhabi. This is probably because, even in winter, the temperature in the UAE lingers around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that’s already the coldest month of the year, just imagine what the summers are like.

But while summer in Abu Dhabi can be sweltering, you still need to keep your ensemble as conservative as possible to show your respect for the city’s culture. A good rule of thumb is to pack flowy and lightweight clothing like cotton trousers, sundresses, and cotton T-shirts. Keep your knees and shoulders covered and avoid clothes that cling too much to your body.

4. Carry-on bag

If you’re travelling from a different country, you might be tempted to use a tote or a spacious shoulder bag to carry your stuff when going to Abu Dhabi theme parks. Want an insider tip? Don’t.

Instead, choose a bag that can keep your hands free and still keep your must-haves safe and within reach.

Sling bags and fanny packs can give you just that and prevent you from getting a stiff shoulder from the weight of a heavy purse.


In this modern age, trips to amusement parks are never complete without certain gadgets to record the most exciting things you encounter there.

5. Portable phone charger

From capturing the most awesome selfie with your favourite characters to navigating the park using a wayfinding app, your smartphone is crucial to your trip. But you can’t have it dying in the middle of a good shot, so make sure you have a portable charger handy.

Aside from keeping your phone charged the night before, make sure you have a fully charged portable charger in your fanny pack as well to extend the life of your smartphone as needed.

6. Waterproof action camera

For some rides, smartphones on selfie sticks are not allowed (and for a good reason). But this shouldn’t become a reason for you to give up on documenting your trip to places like Yas Waterworld.

The solution? Waterproof action camera. These babies can capture excellent images during your adventures. Thanks to accessories like headgears, wrist straps, or chest straps, action cameras can record everything you do and encounter safely, without posing any risk to your smartphone.

Comfort Essentials

Who says you can’t be comfortable during an adventure? With the following essentials, your theme park trip should be fun, comfortable, and safe:

7. Handheld fan

Though some theme parks, like Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, are fully air-conditioned, the general climate in Abu Dhabi may leave you sweating like crazy.

Stay cool while exploring in the UAE capital with a personal handheld fan. Despite their small size, these nifty inventions are powerful enough to ensure that you enjoy the experience without getting distracted by the heat.

8. Snacks

Never leave home without snacks, especially if you’re up for a day’s worth of adventures in Yas Island Abu Dhabi theme parks.

You don’t have to bring a full meal – there’s plenty of that where you’re going. Just a few granola bars and several small bags of trail mixes should be enough to give you energy to last the day.

9. Water bottle

Besides snacks, you also need to pack water to keep you hydrated for the adventure. Choose the eco-friendly way (and save along the way) by bringing a refillable bottle. Make sure you refill it with fresh, clean water from trusted sources as well.

10. Hand sanitiser

Washing your hands frequently is always a good hygiene practice, especially when going to public places like theme parks. However, hand washing after every ride may not always be convenient, so be sure to bring your own hand sanitiser with you.

Alcohol-based sanitisers are also a must when traveling with curious children who touch everything and anything before putting their hands in their mouths.

11. Bug spray and sunscreen

Theme parks like Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi are home to Bugs Bunny and many other adorable characters. But not all critters in theme parks are cute and cuddly – some are crawly and tend to bite. Protect yourself from the latter kind with bug spray.

You’ll also need something to shield yourself and your companions from the harsh sun. Even if it doesn’t feel particularly hot, give your skin a good layer of sunscreen protection to prevent sunburn from sneaking up on you.

Pack for an Adventure of a Lifetime

Amusement is the core of amusement parks – it says so in the name. Boost your chances of having an adventure of a lifetime by packing the things you’ll need for your visit to theme parks in Abu Dhabi.