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What Size Deck Screws to Use for 2x6?

Choosing the right size and type of screws for your deck is extremely crucial. The correct size of the screws ensures the efficient hold for safety and durability. However, it can be quite daunting to determine which size of the deck screws will be the best for your works. The size will mostly depend on the dimension of the deck.

So, what size deck screws to use for 2x6 decks? Typically, the thickness of the 2x6 decks varies around 1.5 inches. As you will need approximately 1 inch of penetration, the 2.5 inches to 3 inches deck screws will be the best choice. If you prefer bigger penetration, like 1.2 inches or 1.5 inches, screws around 3 inches will be the best choice.

The 3 inches screws are a little bit costly, but their benefits are worth the price. They are more robust and hold the materials more firmly. The square-Phillips drive also enables you to put them through the woods quickly.

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Length of Deck Screws

The boxes of screws come with different numbers on them. It is crucial to know about the numbers to choose the right one for the best performance. Here is the breakdown of the critical numbers that you should know.


The length of the deck screws is the most crucial thing to consider while selecting the deck screws. In the above, we have discussed the right length of the screws for the deck. As we said previously, the screw needs to go around one inch or halfway to the deck boards.

The larger screws, like 2.5 inches, are excellent for the joist. You will require shorter screws (1.5 inches to 2 inches) for the joist hangers and hurricane ties.


The dimension of the screw is called Gauge. So, if you want to purchase bigger screws, then go for a higher gauge. Typically, the 8 to 10 gauge are the right size for deck screws. However, the 14-gauge screws are also used in the structural wood screws. However, they are not labeled as 14-gauge. They are shown in diameter (1/4”) instead of the gauge.

What Size Deck Screws to Use for 2x6?

Thread Size

Typically, the thread size is listed as coarse in the packs of the decks. It is essential to consider the thread size as different varieties of the thread goes well different materials. However, there are more flexibilities in thread size as it doesn’t vary that much.

What Size Screws to Use for Decking

As we mentioned earlier, different sizes of the screws are suitable for different applications while decking. Go through the below descriptions to know how to choose the right size based on the applications.

Deck Boards

While working with the deck boards, you will want them to be impassive and well-secure. So, it will be better to choose nicely coated screws. The size of the screws for boards need to be around 2.5 inches to 3 inches. Besides, the diameter is not more than #8 as the bigger can split.


The best screws for the railing of decks is the screws with ½ inches diameters. It will also be great if the screws arrive with galvanized coating for durability. The railing screws for the deck need to be around 6 inches in length for 4x4 inches railings.

Post to Beam

You will require using galvanized-coated screws with galvanized post caps for the post to the beam. The diameter of the screws needs to be around 2.5 inches or #10. You will also need to select screws optimized to be used with a bracket. Make sure the screw arrives with a higher load rating to ensure safety.

Joist to Beam

The best screws for the Joist to Beam are the one that comes with #10 diameter. The length of the screws needs to be 1.5 inches for ease of use. Make sure to consider the hurricane tie to choose the right type of screws for the joist to beam.


The good thing is you can utilize standard deck screws for the stairs. If you are working with pressure-treated screws, then the # diameter coated screws will fit perfectly. The same screws are also suitable for the cedar woods stairs.


The appearance and the rigidity of the deck will depend a lot on the screws you are choosing. We hope that the above guide will help you to pick the right deck screws for the 2x6 decks.

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