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What Should Be Included in All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages?

The next big thing you tend to think about after getting married is your honeymoon. All-inclusive honeymoon packages offer you everything you need, from flight tickets, stay, and food, to spa facilities, outdoor activities, etc., for one price.

If you want to know about things that such packages should include, find them below:

Honeymoon Packages

High-Quality Services

When you avail of honeymoon packages, you get to stay in all-inclusive resorts offering high-quality services, suites, concierge, and spa treatment. As honeymooners, opt for couples-only packages if you want to stay in a cozy and peaceful environment.


If you want to save money, all-inclusive honeymoon packages of Botox can be a great choice. They can save around 25% of the amount you spend on your honeymoon.

One of the best things about such packages is getting to know how much your honeymoon would cost upfront. This way, you minimize the chances of having your honeymoon expenses exceed your budget.  Since you know the fee upfront, you know very well whether or not you can afford it.

Honeymoon Registries

Some packages offer honeymoon registries, and thus, your wedding guests can contribute money for your honeymoon as a gift. All-inclusive packages are in demand because they also include airfare, hotel accommodations, and sometimes, even transportation to and from the airport.

Different Types of Rooms

When you are on your honeymoon, it can be bliss to stay in a luxurious room, suite, or villa. Most resorts offer you these options as part of your honeymoon package. Thus, your price per person depends on your booking preference. Before booking a package, check the rooms included in the accommodation.

A basic honeymoon package may include a junior suite and accommodation in an executive or deluxe room. With a premium package, you get a wonderful private villa or room upgrade to your suite.

Check these facilities before you finalize your booking. Specify that it's your honeymoon, and you may get a room upgrade as, even with a basic package.

Outdoor Space Dining By the Pool

When it comes to staying at a resort on your honeymoon, it would be great to choose one with an outdoor dining area by the pool. Outdoor dining is peaceful and perfect for creating memorable moments without a large family to intervene.

Furthermore, these resorts come with personalized meals, unique areas, and entertainment suited to newly married couples. Due to these benefits of all-inclusive honeymoon packages, you get to enjoy yourself a lot. To choose the best resort, compare its facilities, amenities, and activities.

You get to meet many similar-minded couples at such resorts with whom you can take part in entertaining activities. Honeymoon is all about comfort, luxury, convenience, and romance. Use a travel planner to select a resort that offers you everything you dream to cherish in your honeymoon trip.

Extras and Upsells

You should check for upsells and extras such as premium alcohols, liquors, and even lobster. On your honeymoon, you can have bottles of wine and cocktails as much as you want.

When you avail of premium all-inclusive honeymoon packages, you don't need to have only non-alcoholic drinks. Spa services are also an extra thing you get for free. 

The additional services may include golf, but you may need to invest money for golf cart and club rents. So, make sure to check beforehand what extra services are covered as part of your all-inclusive package.

Marriage is incomplete without a honeymoon, as the trip gives you the chance to spend lovely moments with your partner. To have a great time in any resort, you need to get the best benefits and that too in your budget.

All-inclusive honeymoon packages can go a long way in helping you fulfill all your dreams on your special trip at an affordable price. Since you now know the things included in such a package, make sure to choose a package that offers the maximum benefits within your budget.