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What Short Term Loan Options Does a US Citizen Have?

Short-term loans are available online from direct lenders and brokers. While they are easy to access, they are not necessarily the cheapest option for you. Short-term loans always have a very simple repayment option. Short-term loans give you easy payments to help you keep interested in every early repayment.

Features of Short-Term Loans

People looking for a short-term loan in the US should be aware that an authorized direct lender must perform a credit check as part of a credit program assessment.

When looking for short-term loans, you must demonstrate that you have managed to repay a loan without increasing your debt. Before choosing the form of loan that you would like to apply for, you must understand the facts and study your borrowing choices. Thus, you can make the best possible financial decision.

Short-term loans are an inexpensive alternative to payroll loans in the United States. Personal short-term loans can be used as a cash advance or help you until your next paycheck. Short-term cash loans are a form of payday loan online payback that you repay in a short period of time, and which you can quickly get as a means to help you deal with the financial crisis.

Some MFIs may allow you to take loans, but the really good ones may allow you to pay off early. At the same time, if you pay back the short-term loan on time, it will have a positive impact on your credit rating. A short-term loan will work when you are looking for a relatively small loan amount, no-prepayment penalties, quick and easy application practices.

You are responsible for repaying your loan regardless of repayment resources. A short-term loan is a fixed amount of money that the lender allows you to borrow for a specific term.

A short-term loan may be right for you, but make sure you weigh and understand all the advantages and disadvantages first. When you fill out an application for a short-term loan, the lending institution will want to make sure that you have the opportunity to repay it. If you need a short-term loan in some unforeseen situations, feel free to contact a microfinance organization offering acceptable payment terms.

Short-Term Loan Options


Overdraft is a type of short-term lending that allows you to purchase the desired item even if the payment instrument has a “minus” indicator.

Overdraft differs from the standard type of lending in that it is attached to a salary card or to another banking product on which money is regularly received.

In rare cases, there are also overdrafts on credit cards that allow you to purchase goods outside the established credit limit.

Other features of overdraft:

  • short term - within 1 - 2 months;
  • strict limit - overdraft cannot exceed the user's income by more than two times;
  • repayment in one payment;
  • high-interest rates compared to traditional lending.

Credit Card

A credit card means a bank payment card. It is designed to carry out transactions settlements on which are carried out at the expense of money provided by the bank to the client within the established limit in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Other features of a credit card:

  • it is the most expensive banking instrument in comparison with other payment products;
  • funds on operations are provided without collateral;
  • money is spent at your own discretion (there are no specific goals);
  • lack of a payment schedule (loan repayment in one or several payments);
  • any operations provided by the agreement are available on the card.

A credit card differs from a short-term loan in that the debt arises only after using bank funds. When paying for goods in a store, you receive bonuses and this is a great opportunity to save with the help of QC.

One-Time Lending

Another type of short-term loan is one-time lending. A certain amount is credited to the borrower's account at a time. Renewal of the credit limit is excluded. The money is paid within a short period with a fixed interest rate. This credit type is paid to legal entities to replenish the working capital of a business or production needs.

Credit lines are divided into renewable and non-renewable. In the first case, the amount established by the agreement is issued in a lump sum or in parts within the term of the agreement. In the second case, a client receives funds as needed with the possibility of their full or partial repayment within a specified period, as well as re-borrowing within the agreed limit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Short-Term Loans

Individuals are attracted by the use of varieties of short-term lending by the possibility of obtaining a loan upon presentation of a small package of documents with a short waiting time between application and receipt of a loan. Often there are no strict restrictions on the security of the credit, solvency, and creditworthiness of the loan applicant. But the listed advantages are accompanied by a short lending period and a small available loan amount, as well as high-interest rates.

Thanks to short-term lending by commercial banks, legal entities have the opportunity to increase the size of working capital to solve urgent problems and rationally use the attracted resources in terms of time and amount.

But the terms of short-term lending are not designed for start-up entrepreneurs. The amount of the established loan limit is not always sufficient to solve the production problems of the enterprise.

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