What Makes Destin's White Beaches So Unbeatable?
September 29, 2021

What Makes Destin's White Beaches So Unbeatable?

The Destin area has received a lot of press this summer about the quality and quantity of its white beaches. This article sheds light on what makes Destin's beaches exceptional and why they continue to win awards year after year. The main factor that makes the beaches incredible is their unique sand composition. 

The perfect combination is small, smooth grain quartz, which gives a beach its silky, soft feel. check out these white beaches for a memorable holiday experience.

Fine White Sand

The beautiful white sand beaches of Destin are the product of an ancient river that flowed from Alabama to Mexico. The tiny particles that make up quartz were carried by currents and deposited in Death Valley, which used to be part of the ocean floor a long while ago.

Clear Water Free of Jellyfish

The glaciers responsible for shaping the Destin peninsula have done most of their work, and there is little reason to fear they will return since it takes thousands of years to make any significant change. Another factor in the tremendous success of Destin's beaches is water clarity. 

Check out these beaches to explore clear and warm water that reflects sunlight making the ocean look like a giant mirror. The fact that the water is warm enough for swimming and has no jellyfish also makes these beaches a hot favorite among tourists.



Great Weather

Destin's white beaches owe their beauty to more than just sand and water. The climate here falls into the category of subtropical. The city experiences sunny temperatures ranging between 24 C and 30 C throughout the year. 

Destin winters are short and mild (about 60 days of frost per year). Summers are hot with high humidity. The combination of warm winter temperatures, abundant rainfall during the summer months, and heat provided by the Gulf Stream contribute to the popularity of this beach destination.

Conservation Schemes

Destin is unique because the city recognizes its appeal and has made a tremendous investment in making sure it stays that way. The City of Destin's Beach Management Program works year-round to maintain its white beaches.

Thanks to an innovative program that issues bonds with funding beach renovations, the county can ensure that quality stays high. On top of that, through the Conservation 20/20 tax, voters in Destin approved a plan to purchase more than 1500 acres of land for preservation.

The scheme has helped improve the water quality and wildlife habitat along Destin's shoreline, which is excellent news for our citizens' future enjoyment.

Awards and Recognitions

Another measure of Destin's success is its recent win at the 2014 AAA Four Diamond Awards, where Destin took home top prize for both lodging and dining. Several restaurants offer patrons a truly unique dining experience, guaranteed to be unlike any you've ever had before.

The AAA awarded the restaurant for its exceptional presentation of local Seafood and fresh, line-caught fish. These restaurants are situated along Scenic Highway 98 on the beach - a perfect location to enjoy Destin's white sandy beaches while you dine.