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What Is The Essence Of The Breast Watch Worn By Nurses

If you have been wondering what is the essence of the breast watch worn by nurses, well it helps prevent pick up of bacteria and virus. Read on for more.

Nurses wear a breast watch to do more than tell time, unlike many of us who need a watch for time purposes only. This watch helps in the execution of daily work-related duties. What makes a breast watch unique is its hygienic ability and prevents the spread of diseases because it is not worn on the wrist.

Many people ask what is the essence of the breast watch worn by nurses? It acts as the right alternative to wristwatches, for it does not touch any surface. This means it does not come into contact with bacteria or viruses. This watch is perfect for hygiene purposes, making it a must-have tool as a nurse.

What is the essence of the breast watch worn by nurses

Evidently, a breast watch is an essential timepiece for the nurses, but outstandingly, it comes with other benefits too. The uniqueness of wearing nurses watch is its ability to curb the spread of infections in hospitals hence keeping the nurses protected. A breast watch is usually clipped around the breast area of a nurse's uniform, making it easier for a nurse to use it without touching.

We all know that nurses get exposed to all kinds of infections while on duty, not forgetting the germs and microbes. Although nurses wear gloves for protection, a wristwatch can make things worse because it is exposed to infections like most parts of the body. Wearing nurses breast watches is the best option for it is meant to be worn on the clothes, thus preventing direct contact with bacteria, microbes, germs, and viruses.

Let us look into what is the essence of the breast watch worn by nurses?

  • To keep track of time

A breast watch worn by nurses plays a critical role in keeping track of time anytime they need to. This watch provides a precise sense of time, an integral part of a nurse's life.

Having been able to check the time at a quick glance helps a nurse focus on reviewing patient progress instead of spending time squinting at a clock. With a breast watch, a nurse can record patient vitals for better evaluation during an assessment. By keeping track of time, a nurse ensures that medication is administered, and any other test is taken care of to improve a patient's current condition.

  • Medication

Patients’ medications in any medical facility are supposed to be given on time, which is one of the duties of a nurse. Also, remember that medicine is usually administered at the correct time intervals. A breast watch comes in handy, for it helps a nurse take note of the impending medications and act on them.

This watch comes with an alarm that notifies you when it is time to administer medication to specified patients. As a nurse, you may be required to give medicines for an extended period of time, and that is where a breast watch comes in handy because it keeps track of medication provided.

  • Documentation and lab charting

Medical documentation in any medical facility cannot occur if accurate records of tests are not adhered to. To ensure that treatments and assessments are up to date, a breast watch is required. Every medical interaction performed on duty needs to be charted to keep track of a patient’s medical condition.

Through that, anyone involved with handling the patient will know the tests that have been carried out and treatments received. Failure to have proper documentation and lab charting hinders the know-how of a patient's health progress. Prevent complicating issues, especially with record keepers, by providing the right information and putting a patient’s record progress in order.

  • Perform pain assessments

As a nurse, you are aware that pain assessments are common occurrences in the medical field.  Pain assessments are usually performed to check on a patient's pain level to identify the underlying medical issue.

This is where a breast watch comes into; it helps prevent medical problems while tracking recovery progress. A breast watch aids in performing pain assessments to check whether the treatment administered on a patient is improving the condition or worsening it. This watch can also identify the length of the treatment and its severity for future treatments.

  • Recording vitals

A breast watch is crucial for keeping track of a patient’s vitals, such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Keeping track of a patient’s vitals as a nurse goes a long way in keeping a patient’s current health status. You will also be able to know of any potential health complications.

A breast watch comes in quite handy when providing care to patients with health abnormalities to assess their vitals and determine whether the treatment imposed on them is effective or ineffective. It also determines if there are any adverse reactions to the patient’s current health condition.

  • Scheduling

A nurse is required to perform a plethora of tasks in every shift. It may be quite challenging to keep track of every duty to be carried out. That is why a breast watch is essential because it helps plan every duty to be undertaken. That way, better performance is enhanced while ensuring that none of the tasks go unattended.

Final thoughts

A breast watch is an invaluable and indispensable tool that nurses cannot do without. This watch works excellently in keeping track of time when it comes to various work-related activities. A nurse is tasked with dozens of responsibilities that cannot be met without a breast watch.

Typically, what is the essence of the breast watch worn by nurses? Most importantly is to administer medication and keep track of a patient’s vitals. Having a breast watch offers significant value to a nurse as it helps manage daily duties effectively. This medical watch has proven fundamental in providing quality patient care.