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What is Kush, and Why is It So Popular?

With so many different strains available, it’s tough to keep up with them all. Even experienced users ask, what is Kush, and why is it so popular? Thankfully, you have Herbies Seeds to make the topic clearer for us. They have an entire list of Kush strains sold at affordable prices, and they know exactly what Kush is and what draws growers from all over the globe to this particular weed type.

Continue reading and discover what makes these plant varieties so popular. You may find that they are also your new favorite ones to grow!


What is Kush Weed?

What makes pot “Kush” is the pedigree of specific strains. These seeds hail from the Hindu Kush mountains, which are west of Nepal. However, there is more to the name than the plants’ motherland. 

This particular mountain range creates one of the most hostile weather conditions in the world. As you can imagine, there aren’t many plants that can survive here. Cold and rainy summers, dry winters, snow, and other hazards make it challenging.

Although the entire region isn’t all rock and ice, there are also meadows and even forests. Overall, it takes a hearty strain to grow in the Hindu Kush region.

Why Is Kush So Popular?

According to History, consumers smoked weed starting in at least 800 AD. It also has been reported that many of these consumers hailed from Central and South Asia.

Among the most popular strains, you will often see Kush listed. Not only are these varieties potent, but ancient as well. Strains of Kush date back thousands of years, even getting used in religious ceremonies. 

Even well-known western plants, such as OG Kush, have had fans for years. This variety tends to offer a high level of THC and indica-dominant traits. It also has pungent flowers, which always end with a good time.

What Does Kush Look Like?

A novice likely wouldn’t have enough experience to identify Kush strains by appearance alone. However, these rugged plants even look more potent than other cannabis types.

The flowers of Kush strains often blossom into thick, boxy clusters. The buds often appear purple, but they commonly contain colorful pistils, too. Leaves of Kush plants generally have a frosty appearance, thanks to their trichomes. That also makes these strains sticky, resinous, and potent.

Because they stay short and dense, you can anticipate a large yield as well. While it all comes down to growing conditions, it’s hard to beat Kush flowers.

What Type of High Does Kush Offer?

Because of where these strains originated, they’re grown for their potency. Many Kush flowers leave you with a serious case of couchlock, so watch out.

The good news is they are also highly euphoric buds as well. Many consumers feel a huge boost to their mood, and uncontrollable giggles. 

Those who need to sort out their thoughts will also enjoy these strains. They have already served as religious or meditative plants for generations.

Although they aren’t always the best for a group sesh, they’re perfect for solo smokers. Just make sure to double-check whether your seeds lean indica or sativa heavy.

How Do Kush Plants Smell?

Another consideration for at-home growers is the possible smells during use or cultivation. With such potent buds as these, those fears are somewhat warranted.

As you can expect from hearty plants, these flowers smell amazing. Since there are many unique strains, each will have a different aroma.

Mostly, you’ll enjoy earthy and piney plants with floral or peppery notes. Some smell more flower-like than others, while some have an herbal quality to them.

During use, these buds smell skunky yet slightly fruity, making for a complex finish. It’s why cannabis connoisseurs tend to smoke Kush when they can.

What is the Taste of Kush Strains?

For better or worse, Kush strains’ flavors tend to take after their aromas. Luckily, most flowers go down smooth, making up for some of their pungent smells.

These buds taste every bit as earthy as your nose thought. However, they also have a nice herb-like finish, as well as sweeter strains. Most notably, consumers state that they have floral flavors, sometimes even fruity. The more sativa-dominant strains may have a citrusy or diesel-like aftertaste, indictive of its energizing effects.

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