DR Ring
December 28, 2022

What is DR Ring Price?

DR Ring is an engagement ring brand that celebrates true love, as it was established with a distinctive brand rule that a person can only buy one DR diamond ring for his or her true love in a lifetime. This unique brand rule instantly helped it to attract many couples who believe in true love like DR Ring itself.

What girl wouldn't want to get a DR Ring that carries the belief of true love? If you are considering buying a DR Ring, you may be wondering how much does a DR engagement ring cost? This article will take you through what is the DR Ring price and the factors that make up the DR Ring price.

How much Do DR Engagement Rings Cost?

The price of a new DR engagement ring can start at $560, while more elaborate DR Rings can cost well over $10,000.

 DR Ring

(image link: https://us.darryring.com/engagement-rings/love-line-collection-2476775197)

The 4Cs of diamonds, which are cut, color, clarity and carat of a diamond, are the only criteria by which we can judge the value and quality of a diamond. Usually, the better the diamond cut, the higher the clarity grade, the closer to flawless the color, and the larger the carat, the higher the diamond ring price.

The price of a diamond ring with the same 4Cs will also vary depending on the material of the band and the setting style. In terms of the band material, the price of platinum is usually a few hundred to a few thousand dollars higher than that of 18k gold. In terms of setting style, diamond rings that are more difficult to set will cost more than diamond rings with simple setting style because of the high production cost.

The DR Ring price varies depending on the 4Cs of the diamond, the material of the band, and the complexity of the setting. Not only that, but the DR Ring price also varies depending on the complexity of the design and the type, number and size of the center stone utilized. Let's take a look at how the price of a DR Ring is broken down into its various components.

The price of a DR engagement ring is determined by four main factors.

  • Unique Brand Culture

  • Darry Ring is the first jewelry brand to link engagement rings with identity information. An ID card is a unique and irreproducible item for each person. DR Ring also wants to be the unique and exclusive diamond ring for every couple who believes in true love through this innovative move. Since once in a lifetime diamond for your once in a lifetime love, DR Ring realizes the so-called “lifetime commitment” among consumers, helping and encouraging them to bravely pursue true love and express it.

  • Craftsmanship

  • In addition to its unique brand culture, DR Ring is also known throughout the industry for its exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic sensibility in engagement rings. It takes more than a year to design and create a unique DR engagement ring because the company is so exacting about the ring's appearance and functionality. The company employs skilled diamond cutters and polishers who strive to enhance the natural beauty of each diamond, thus ensuring that the diamonds are always brilliant and vivid. Each DR Ring is handcrafted to ensure the best setting for the diamond and to bring out the full beauty of the natural diamond.

     DR Ring

    (image link: https://us.darryring.com/engagement-rings/true-love-collection-1566502666)

  • Gemstones

  • All kinds of precious stones can be set in DR Rings. In their designs, they use only the best grade of gemstones and therefore the best caliber of raw materials they use. For example, diamonds never have a lot of fluorescence and always have an excellent cut, excellent color and excellent clarity grades. To prove the superior quality of DR engagement rings, they provide a certificate from the GIA, HDR, or AGS with every ring purchased. These laboratories have earned an excellent reputation in the diamond trade thanks to the accuracy of the diamond appraisals they perform.

  • Reputation

  • Since the company's inception, DR Ring has maintained a name associated with luxury, creativity, and high quality. You will surely be happy to pay a premium price for the high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry. On the other hand, this luxury bridal jewelry maker, Darry Ring, also has a purpose to tug at the heartstrings of true love devotees: a lifelong commitment through a DR diamond ring that can only be purchased once in a lifetime.

    Where Can You Buy DR Engagement Rings at the Best Price?

    Darry Ring offers a variety of ways to buy DR engagement rings. Buying engagement rings online have been on the rise in recent years, offering consumers thousands of ring styles, better prices than offline diamond stores, and 24-hour online customer service. DR Rings has launched an official website: https://us.darryring.com where you can shop for your own DR Ring. Of course, you can also visit DR local diamond store at the Louvre in Paris to shop for your preferred DR Ring. DR Rings offers diamond rings in different price ranges. You can always find a DR dimond ring that you are destined for according to your pocket.